Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tax Returns as Transparent as Mud

And then you have to wonder at the Trump resistance to exposing himself financially. Is he only afraid of being seen as the multi millionaire that he is, or is it a bit more complicated than that? As this news spot makes clear his returns have been so "complicated" that he's been under virtually continuous IRS audit. And in this I have to wonder whether it's only trying to get away with more than a little rule bending. I have to wonder if these records would show, to one degree or another, just how bad, or at least how lackluster, his business dealings have been; a record not so much of IRS law breaking, but of a business man who still has money only because he started out with so much, and because he's played his losses well with the marginal gains he makes every so often (if you fire with the shotgun approach to business ideas that he has shown a tendency towards in the past you're bound to hit something every so often).

Donald Trump Releases Curious Letter on Tied-Up Tax Returns

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