Tuesday, March 1, 2016

At Least One Thing A Person Can Respect in this Complex, Flawed Man

Simply put, he's kept his promise to the woman he hasn't always treated with the upmost of respect. That and the fact that you have to believe that he was always a good father. The confident, loving daughter they both raised is testament to that.

It may well also be a complex set of motivations that have him supporting her so effectively, but I, for one, have no difficulty giving him the benefit of the doubt on at least a significant portion of them being his desire to do right by her, and let her have her day at center stage in history in the making.

So much has gone down in the past that I believe he has never taken anywhere near full responsibility for. That being said, however, doesn't take away any of the credit he's due now for supporting, and so effectively, a woman who's no doubt just as complex as he is.

It's lilely now that she will be the Democratic candidate. And it's hard, though not impossible, to see her losing to whatever final ass the other guys settle on. As such there is the bright side here that it will be a good thing for the nation to finally get around to putting a woman into our highest office. If for no other reason than to make it a given that a woman can win, and lead. As with people of color it is a given that has been long overdue.

That it will ultimately change very little else of what is fundamentally wrong with our current political/economic system is also, sadly, a given, but I will say no more of that here. Sometimes you just have to take the bright spots where you can find them and use them to sustain your hope. However pessimistic I may sound in these postings, and I know that I do, I remain hopeful. Little miracles still abound, as I hope I have pointed out here. You just have to keep your eye out for them.

Bill Clinton's Campaign Presence Felt On Stage and Off

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