Friday, March 4, 2016

How Can We Allow This To Continue

Everyone who reads this slavery report is probably asking themselves the same question. And I have to be honest in admitting that, even with the fundamental economic change I have been advocating in place, slavery of one form or another wouldn't necessarily be eliminated.

I still believe, however, that if we looked at all of our other problems in terms other than :"what will it cost," or "who is going to pay for it," we could go a long way towards not only lessening the incentive to exploit people as if they were cheap draft animals, we could lessen the production of throw away populations in the first place; people who have been left with little else as an option to get food into their bellies, or a roof over their heads. People whose talent and heart and courage could be the source of further answers to problems we've still to find the right questions for.

Without the abstract notions of cost, or money, we can go back to the "Gifting Economies" that preceded Capitalism and old school industrialization. The truly collaborative forms of interaction that our new information environments of deep involvement might be capable of.

We simply must try because it is not enough to just question the continuance of such horror.

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