Thursday, March 31, 2016

He Wants to Build a Wall Around Your Womb?

One has to really wonder here. Is this just an idiot spouting more of what he thinks is tough talk towards an issue he doesn't really care about in the first place, or is this another example of an equal opportunity bully finally having the chance to be the biggest dick on the block that he's always thought himself to be. I'm tending to lean towards the latter now that the Republican fringe, and a far too docile media, have empowered an ego that, until now, was kept in partial check because he's been such a shitty business man; and that despite having inherited a pile of money to start with.

The really scary part of this interpretation, however, is that he wants to extend his sense of righteous bullying to America as a whole; hence his other "take no prisoners" view of immigrants, terrorists, and any other foreign leaders who don't play the fearfully humbled in either his presence, or the presence of what he thinks is our manifest supremacy. This is why his continued support of his campaign manager isn't so much a direct insult to women particularly as it is a pat on the back to an underling putting the bully bat to an upstart reporter who wasn't respecting her place in the order of things. Just as he implicitly supported his chump brigade bullying any protesters in his campaign rallies.

In this context you have to stop and consider what such a bully in power, going far beyond what Nixon ever contemplated with his "Plumber" and "Dirty Tricks" campaign ever conceived of, would be capable of. After all, all he has now are campaign staffers and a cadre of "chump" supporters to do his dirty work for him. Imagine the kind of secret cadre of empowered "Bully Boys" he could put together from the White House. And as you are imagining that remember one further thing: This is what our money corrupted, entertainment as distraction, system of governing, as well as doing business as usual, has come to. Isn't it time to start thinking about a great deal more than just "reform?" Don't you think that it's long past time for fundamental change across the board?

Republicans Increasingly Fret That Trump Escalates 'War on Women'

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