Saturday, December 30, 2017

It Was Always Meant To Be A Compromising Situation. Make The Best Of It.

I am one
and I am many.
I am love
and I am mind.

I am reason
and desire.
and always changing

I am the object
and the feeling,
the point,
and the waves.

I am outside
and inside.
I am up
and I am down.

I am cold
and I am hot.
I am evil
and I am good.

I am black
and I am white;
the pain and the pleasure,
the joy and the sorrow.

I am awe
and mystery,
wonder and disappointment.

I am here
in the moment,
and every bit
of out there
to get it done.

I am darkness
and I am light.
I am empty
and I am full.

I am all the things
that the infinite
of potential can be
and you are the energy
to make it so.
And now you know.

It wasn't the taking in,
or the being taken,
from that always tempting
tree of branching
that began
the word
that outed knowledge,
that was the sin.

It was thinking
in the first place
that knowing would come
without being
the responsibility
that decides the place
for the miracle
of choice to say
this is the answer
to the ongoing question
of where the balance
needs our fulcrum
to take the load
of all of the strains
of living all of the opposites
through the give
and the take
of compromise.

With the right connections
meaningfully compromised
you will always have
the most creative light
to guide your way.

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Happiness has little to do with it. Research suggests meaning in your life is important for well-being.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What Is The Best Path For Stability For Sentient Species?

The best path for stability, and a never ending process of thoughtful, loving structure, creating even more complex, thoughtful, loving structure; that best path for sentient species is to always try and live the tension of finding balance between opposites. That thoughtful, loving meaning, will always depend on thoughtful, loving connection. After all, how can you maintain anything if you have so little meaning to begin with, or sense that you matter in the first place.

Sounds so obvious stated like that, but now it exists quite despite the current, dominant operating system of all of humanity, and even then, only at great sacrifice.

That is why I created Cosmolosophy. That is why it starts with the fundamental opposites of Mind, and the Elemental Embrace; and shows us how so much can be layered, metaphorically, on top of those; so that we can then see how important we are in having the unbelievable miracle of choice. Because if we truly are fundamental to the duality of energy, we may well have the ultimate choice of how energy expresses itself not only in our immediate physical reality, but perhaps quite beyond as well.


A meaningful conversation about a fracturing world must start with a deeper sense of why things grow and why things break.

Gods Help Us If People Start Rereading Herman Kahn's "On Thermonuclear War"

With only the cold logic of old cold war numbers.

You probably aren't going to believe this, but I read a good portion of that book when I couldn't have been more than a very young teenager. I did this because I became necessarily fascinated with nuclear war as my father had decided he could make a living selling basement bomb shelter, refit kits (yes folks, I am that odd. And I have lived one of the oddest lives even for someone like me to try to imagine).

These were put out by the Kelsey-Hayes company in the early sixties. And my old man thought he was going to make, you'll pardon the expression, a killing selling them. And for year or so there we went to all sorts of "home product" shows to hand out brochures, and try to make the pitch.

The funny part here (and it was sad funny because he just didn't have even the simple imaginative ability of putting himself -- with his own 4 or five, currently resident brood, and oh so agreeable wife -- into the same living situation), where reality set in, at least as far as my old man was concerned, was watching a young couple, usually with one kid still in diapers, on mom's hip, and another looking totally mystified at things from the protection of dad's firmly held hand, and seeing the horror on both parents faces when told that the idea was to live in your basement for at least a week or two. A new basement mind you made smaller because you had set up these prefab steel panels (to be filled with sand as I recall) so as to offer a semblance of radiation protection. Living there, of course, with your wonderfully well behaved children, who wouldn't ever even dream of driving you crazy, all cooped up like that. Any more than wife and husband would, after spending the considerable amount of money the company was charging at the time, just to have this amazing opportunity for family quality time.

Needless to say, he never sold a one of them and it was as devastating to him as you'd expect for someone always looking for that big score, sales opportunity. A defeat the old lady never wasted any opportunity she could find to remind him of either.

As a result, with my always questioning curiosity, I became morbidly fascinated with all things related to throw weights. Overpressures. Blast radius'. Air bursts as opposed to ground bursts. Immediate radiant energy damage. Pressure wave damage. The possibility of firestorms way bigger than Dresden ever created. And the always popular down wind, particle fallout probabilities given the different burst options, warhead size, and target material composition. Not to mention, of course, the effects of ionizing, particle radiation itself; which was of particular un turnawayable horror to me. Way better, unfortunately, than the Sci Fi movies of the time, though I still loved them as well. It also didn't help that I was continuing my addiction to reading the old man's Aviation Week magazines, which just served to fuel the gee whiz, cool hardware aspect of things.

And in this, unfortunately as well, were a lot of other impressionable young men, and women, who never gave up on the gee whiz thing, and have always kept faith with the idea that for every avenue of attack there is a counter (all notions of practicality, or down stream collateral effects aside of course). Also made more understandable by the fact that there is a considerable amount of history to back up the fact of this relationship; even as a great number of people have been slaughtered proving it.

The problem as I see it is more complicated than arguing whether doing a particular thing is within engineering possibility. This is especially true now that our extensions of faculties have been pushed out so far; with means of instrumentality we are still fumbling with to understand. We also tend to forget just how clever we can stumble into being, at times, in coming up with novel new solutions that the previous "conventional wisdom" said couldn't be done. And in that vein you do have to admit that it would be "possible" (putting it in quotes to designate how difficult it is to know the true relative probabilities) to defend against ballistic missiles; with the kicker being the full aspect of what you might have to commit yourself to do to achieve this; a kicker that would likely be another matter altogether of possible pain in the ass. And of course, a few detonations would always get through in any event, but probably not so much as you couldn't rebuild.

What is reay scary here, beyond the cold calculations that even limiting the incinerating to only a few million entails (and the callousness of calling that a great success), is that the pace of technological change is making things even more unstable than the days when we first learned how little decision time there would be in deciding to "use or lose," in the context of shorter range, ballistic missile submarines. We have, in fact, a new version of that. A new "what do you build at all" when things keep changing so fast. And in this context can you afford not to use something if you fear that a counter could be made?  Even before anybody has launched anything? And can you afford to build any alternative if the anticipation of alternatives already in the works has everybody thinking about the future counters to the future threats beyond even that?

Thus then do we go into new realms of absurdity in thinking to anticipate the moves of our adversaries.

This is folks, at its base, another aspect of seeing what happens when trying to conduct business as usual within a completely new operating environment; rapidly accelerating flights of fancy into new areas of complete, insane, absurdity. Which is why, in case you haven't noticed, armed conflict itself makes absolutely no sense whatsoever anymore now that we have the kinds of instrumentality we have. None. Zero. And I can assure you that the planet itself will do whatever it takes to underline that conclusion.

This is why the seed pod we are all sitting on down here, beneath this lovely, still mostly functioning blanket of atmosphere, must be declared a no conflict zone. It simply can't be done anymore in any sense of human enterprise that we use to think most everything could be conducted with by social cooperation. Not only has effect gotten too big, and events happen too fast, we now realize, to a core in our being we ignore at our peril, that everything is far too interdependent, and interconnected, to be blasting away, to any degree, such that you can think you can defeat a supposed foe without the blowback coming home, eventually, so as to make the winner just as dead, as the purported looser.

And the sooner we realize this the sooner we can get on with the real need of finding an alternative to allow us to make the pivot all sentient species must make if they are to have a chance to begin the next stage of sentient evolution. The choice is, as always, ours to make.

On Thermonuclear War

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How Can You Refuse

How can you refuse
those in need
of refuge

You don't need
to camp them
in your own
narrow sense
of backyard.

You just need
to see them
having the chance
to rebuild
their own means
to help you
when you need it.

And we will need
them and every other
to help us
save ourselves
as a collective
of lovers still
wanting a living
loving planet.

Can you not see
this value as well
as your own needs?
Wasting away
The larger capital
of living force
without regard
for what walls want
in turning into you,
with the abyss
that looks you coldly
away from what made you
and into your worst
and darkest
addictive phantasies;
which grow nothing
more than just more
of the cruelest harvests
of numbers counting mostly
the metrics of desperation,
and a bigger high
to fall from.

How can you refuse
those in need
of refuge
when you yourself
crave it always
even as you hide
away from your own
desperation, shutting out
the true light of creation
which empowers us all
from meaningful
caring connection.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Commoditization Of Our Own Genome?

Are you intercoursing insane?

Wasn't the spectacle of watching how famers, who didn't use GMO seeds, ended up having to pay Monsanto licensing fees anyway because the wind blew modified pollen over to the not modified crops and, faster than you can say bend over, whether any farmer wants to use GMO or not, they are sucked into a spirling, corporate usurpation of how they must do everything the Monsanto (or whoever ends up holding the patents) way.

The mind quickly goes numb on the spectacularly insane, runaway scenarios that might occur if we were suddenly thrust into the world of you constantly paying for parts of your own body that might end up being modified whether you desired it or not (and some of these are the sexual modifications that could get you sexually manipulated in ways that even our science fiction writers haven't fully explored yet -- thank god because we really do not need any more destructive fantasies) . And do not for a second thing that this would be far fetched; if for no other reason than whatever the GMO makers can create, others can hack into and do the Gods only know what kind of ultimate mayhem.

Do not allow this to happen. It is folly of the most unimaginably horrible kind.


On one hand, patents fuel innovation. On the other hand, they can make those innovations inaccessible to the people who need them the most.

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[Post Note: Just a reminder of what happens to very important data when data is synonymous with money. J.V.] 

A local Indian newspaper was able to access the private data of nearly 1.2 billion Indians for just $8.

Friday, December 22, 2017

The Only Few Videos I Am Going To Make

Since I shared my music playlist I thought it only appropriate to share my one, personal video, playlist. And the best thing about this list is that it is currently only two videos long (I don't plan on making it much longer either). And when you see these you'll understand why I try to avoid video. When it's not your medium it's not your medium. What else can you say.

The other thing here is that they are a bit old; three years for one, and... well... for the other more than a couple of decades. They are still relevant, however, even if for different reasons; one big one, of course being you get as full a picture of my background as you can get, if ever come to feel the need to look any deeper.

The Only Few Videos I Am Going To Make

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Could Hybrid, Dirigible Blimp, Air Trains Help Fight Wild Fires?

On first blush, of course, it would seem a real stretch. And you only need to think for a second or two about the kinds of thermals such large conflagrations create, in very large sections of air column above them, to know it would be a serious challenge to staying in the air at all, much less resist the kinds of structural loading that attempting such a thing would undoubtedly put such a craft through.

So right now it would be hard to say with any certainty. One thing I do know, though, that not nearly enough imaginative effort has been put into any kind of an alternative to what state emergency responders have in their current inventory to put great amounts of fire retardant (whether water or otherwise) were it is needed quickly. And of course as well, it always comes back to the money, or more precisely, the lack of it to do development work on much larger scale ways to go about such important delivery systems.

That being said, I would still like to think that, if any lighter than air approach was going to have any chance, one that borrowed from the principle of the pontoon bridge might have a pretty good shot at it; especially if the trains were fairly large, both in respect to the size of the individual train units, but also in the over all, connected length of the train. What this might boil down to is simply the fact of: can you engineer the linkage between the trains to be of sufficient strength to handle the sudden shifts of one, or more units, suddenly being thrust up, or down, against the current altitude of the remaining units still not in the same thermal event, or combinations of thermal events down the entire length of the train, going in all sorts of different directions. I'd also like to think that, whatever the engineering challenges, a way could be figured out to resolve them. But that is always the way it is with a dreamer.

Seeing as such trains would already have an immense possible impact on other critical transportation needs, and that we could set up refining the design as part of the public works project to create them in the first place, how much more trouble would there be in looking into this application as well? It might give us a new tool to really put massive amounts of retardant were we need it, and if nothing else it might spark a better imaginative approach, and with something just as unconventional.

Southern California wildfire devours homes as residents escape

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Firefighters are focused on defending the Santa Barbara beach town of Carpinteria from the raging Thomas fire.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Three D Printed Bacteria

Can there be any further doubt about the fact that we are in an absolutely new operating environment? I for one do not see how.

And if we are in an absolutely new operating environment, how can we possibly continue with the current economic system; you know, that several hundred year old one that is supposed to give us the means to operate as we need, and want to, in this new era; where not only is human skill something that can be retrieved at the click of some app, but now life itself can be output as just another kind of hard copy.

Think long and hard on what this, and other new technical developments, mean in regards to the statement that we are now confronted with entirely new sets of instrumentality, as well as entirely new sense modalities needing to be able to respond to this new operating environment.

It well and truly is a brand new ball game that we continue to play with centuries old strategies, methodologies, and the old fixations of one sense used to the exclusion of a more balanced approach (as with cultures first fixed on the oral tradition, which then gave way to typography and the domination of print for a while before the onslaught of electricity; whereupon now we face everything possible all at once, and in an ever more encompassing, and saturating way).

Marshall McLuhan made all this quite clear. And I happen to think he made a pretty good argument for it. Which is the reason I think you should take it seriously.

3D-printed live bacteria creates world's first "living tattoo"

Laser holograms create 3D-printed objects in seconds, no layering required

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Inside a massive repurposed 19th-century mill complex in New Hampshire's largest city, a world famous inventor has teamed up with some of the country's leading scientists and biomedical engineering firms to wipe out the organ transplant waiting list once and for all.

How Long Are We Going To Continue the Immoral, And Horribly Failed War On Drugs

As I have stated several times before, the war on drugs is not only not working, it is doing far more harm than the addictive drugs themselves.

Government is not supposed to be in the business of punishment, or revenge; especially in the area of addiction (the point here being for government to resort to restricting freedom because we cannot trust certain individuals any more). The purpose there should the minimization of harm, and the best way of doing that, in my opinion, is to legalize all of it and then control how it is used; giving it away to those who can't afford it, but not allowing them to leave the administration centers until the drug has worn off (at least for the most dangerously debilitating drugs),

The point then is to offer treatment at every iteration of a dosage cycle, imploring the user to consider carefully what they are doing (with real treatment options available), but accepting, in the end, the notion that you can't help people who don't want to be helped. And if that means allowing people to dose themselves to death than so be it.


Since it decriminalized all drugs in 2001, Portugal has seen dramatic drops in overdoses, HIV infection and drug-related crime.

Monday, December 4, 2017

In My Estimation This Is An Excellent Example Of Visual Suggestion Creating A Body Meaning Space Reality

Keeping in mind, of course, that I do have a bias towards such an interpretation.

It sure feels like it would fit though. And, interestingly enough, though I can feel quite definitely why you might be "suggested" in this way, it doesn't actually work on me.

It does make me wonder of course. Is there some unconscious participation required? Something that doesn't work if you are too consciously aware of the effect in the first place? I know that I've never been able to hypnotize myself either, though I've never had the opportunity to be done so by a professional.

In any case, though, a most interesting phenomenon. Whatever the actual factors going on here might be.


GIFs are literally inescapable on the internet and, mercifully, they're silent. So is this one, except for the sound it makes you hear.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Environmental Instability Leads To Political And Economic Instability, Which Leads To Social Instability, Which Leads To More Environmental Instability

Not necessarily in that order of course, but you get the idea. And we have to be clear here that by environmental we are being very inclusive as to the multi layered matrix of natural systems, and human made systems.

And the human toll only climbs as those who have the means to effect these different systems continue to pretend that, no matter how our ability to do things changes, we can carry on with the economic operating model that is responsible for so much of the over all systems damage in the first place, environment wide, over the last several hundred years of its existence. The very, several hundred year model, that is now so mutated and monstrous. Quite destructively monstrous. We cannot continue to rely on it precisely because to do so will kill very large numbers of us at the very least, before some kind of new equilibrium is found; or will more likely kill our species out entirely as the unchecked, mean temperature rise, makes human life, at least, quite impossible.

15,200 children arrive in Europe on own as migrant crisis deepens

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Boko Haram, climate change, predatory armies, and extreme hunger are converging on a marginalized population in Central Africa.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Another Aspect Of The Complexity Of Dirt, And All That Lies Beneath It

What an amazing thing it is to consider all of the activity. All of the processes to aggregate, transfer, and become even more complex, that go on all around us; every second; at every scale of consideration you might want to imagine. Just in whatever room you might be in and the amazing biota that inhabits your floor; your rug, your furniture, and you. And that's just for starters.

This complexity with dirt is no small thing as well when it comes to thinking about self sufficient habitats off world. Previous experiments with closed systems have gotten it wrong and so there's probably going to need to be considerable work done to better understand those kinds of systems. The kind of research depicted here is a very good step in that direction.

Life goes deeper