Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Persona of Celebrity

Oh, I know
it's so attractive
to be as the front most,
but have a care
before you leap
into this most deep
of ends.

For sinking
is as one
with the swimming
for every stroke
is a transformation,
making your face
and the body
of your characterizations
just a staging
of fronts
and backdrops
and the facades
in between.
Where the reflection
considers the being
making the person
just an illusion.

Your brand then
bares the name
and wears the actions
of what churns
in the progression
of what becomes you,
and the meaning
of it all
feeding back
on itself,
is always more
than any message
that might be scripted.

Being the most
to be dug
by the biggest
group of diggers
simply leaves a hole
that others fill
in disconnected minds
of consideration
expanding only
as the ether
of adoration.

It's a buzz
thrill of feeling
in its course
of trajectory
but in that arc
is anything actually
as the span
of any real
thinking, loving person?
Just remember
wisdom is seldom
realized from its reflection

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