Monday, May 23, 2016

The Strumpet Trumpet

On strumpet feet,
astride of resonant amazement
across all logic,
the Trumpeter
tunes us
to blow his horn,
filling him so much
with what he gets
us to swallow.

And we put out
for his privilege
to spout
all of his coming

And there's no telling
what he's selling
for his package
is the product,
chuck full
of no doubt
and no need
for questions
that you might be
for a truth
he has no need
for you to find.

He gives you simple
for simple folks
to make you come
back for more
And so you're hooked
to keep on buying
his sweetly creamed
balm, guaranteed
to wrap yourself
away in,
holding back
the fevered dreams
that someone might be
sleeping us away
from ever wanting
any more
to really know.

And now that you dance
to his numbing trance
there is one truth
where there is no doubt
who will be made
to pay the piper.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

One Young Woman, and Years of Effort...

...Showing leaps of faith that continue long after she nails any one landing.

If only the rest of us would take that kind of effort to heart. Especially as it pertains to changing what may seem to be unchangeable.

Angel Rice's Viral Tumbling Routine Will Leave You Speechless

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Three D Object Reanimation...

...Where each frame of the animation is a projected layer of the object, seamlessly layered one on top of the other in real time.

What the people behind the Carbon M1 Printer are talking about here is essentially photo lithographic imaging precision on an object model projection, streaming frame by frame layers in exact timing with the light projection and oxygen application. A really quite stunning bit of engineering to say the least.

This being the case, one wonders if future variations might not be able to utilize multiple material solutions whereby different wavelengths of light might alternate material application so that much more complex objects could be reanimated. Say, for example carbon/polymer integrated circuit chips? Thereby eliminating the who lithography, and photo etching pain in the ass they have to use now? Something to think about anyway.

Carbon M1 Super Fast 3D Printer Demo!

Twelve Consecutive Months Where Every Month has been the Hottest Ever

And fifteen of the sixteen hottest years have been in the 21st century.

And yet money, profit, job growth, the ability to fight wars, which political party is the least out of touch with reality, and what new binge watching show of note will be available, seem to be the major concerns of not only the leadership elites, but of all us as well.

With these trends continuing I think it is safe to say that making money, or having a job, or being more threatening than any enemy, or which fool occupies the White House, or having another "Game of Thrones" to watch, won't mean dick when both polar caps no longer have any ice, and the means to cool much at all any more have all boiled off. And this miracle we live on, that took billions of years to evolve, will become a true hell.

What do you think the odds are that that will be an end of days nobody on the Right will have any rapture for. It seems like a safe bet in my book.

Oil Sands Blaze Forces 80,000 Canadians to Flee Their HomesEarth's Relentless Warming Just Hit a Terrible New Threshold

In an age of broken temperature records, this one is especially worrisome.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We are Already Living in a Multi Faceted Fantasy. Isn't that Kinda Horrible?

The linked article below from The New Yorker on the potential dangerous effects of VR misses an important point. It looks at VR as an isolated new development in electrified experience retrieval that, of itself, should be looked upon with suspicion.

Hello! Wake up and smell the extensions!

How quickly we seem to forget that Marshall McLuhan already described electrified environments, and how they envelop us like fish in water. VR is simply taking that to a further degree of "high fidelity."

What ought to be really scary in this is that it is the commercial ethos that directs all of these extensions, and expansions, and underlying that is everything that is bad about the hard sell.

You worry about horror in the more directly first person view? What about a constant saturation in whatever extra-stimulates so that you will buy into what ever is desired for you to buy into? A constant saturation that has become ever more pervasive and inescapable; filling every space you interact with not only mediated message, but with all of the objects clearly branded from all of those messages; each reinforcing the other.

How could you not to be at least a little more prone to fuck all of the time with all of the fucking going on around you (suggestively and outright), irrespective of any actual connection, but oh so clearly branded as a lifestyle. How could you not be at least a little more receptive to the rightness of "righteous revenge" when you binge watch shows like "Banshee," "Dare Devil," or even "Game of Thrones" (just to name few). How could you also not be at least a little more receptive to the notion of simple answers to complex questions when those shows, as well as a host of others, make intimidating, or beating, or even killing the right "bad" person so effective in solving problems.

 What scares me the most about VR is that we will end up willingly giving the keys of direct connection to our minds to those who want to craft the "narrative" of society as a whole in ways that will being as greatly in their interest, and not ours, as will be consumingly entertaining.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

And I Thought I Had Some Difficulty to Overcome...

...In growing up.

Seeing what this guy had to deal with, and how he was able to get past it to achieve a dream at this level is just something to behold.

Just goes to show you, though, where there's a mind, a vision, and the will to carry it through, anything is possible.