Sunday, March 13, 2016

What is Thoughtful, Loving Structure?

It's sometimes far too easy to come up with resonant catch phrases. If someone were serious about having a phrase actually mean something it would be their responsibility to look for every way possible to place a foundation under that phrase that would help to support it.

On the one hand, I try to do that by indicating the what and how of someone responding to the events going on everyday, given the dictates of "thoughtful, loving, structure." That is why I make the posts of events that you see in both of my Blogs.

On the other hand, though, it is useful to have a descriptive shorthand by which to express the idea. I'd like to take a stab at that now.

As I have often said it is the attempt to aspire to a balance where, on the one hand is the encouragement of curiosity, meaning, understanding, and a discipline of trying to seek for the deeper questions, always keeping a sense of humility towards that which we do not understand; and on the other hand do that while also keeping faith with empathy, nurturing, sharing and all of the other heartfelt bonds of connection that humans are capable of.

In this balance then do we seek to temper reason with intuition, giving with practical necessity, responsibility with wisdom, and selflessness with individualism as ready to ask for a hand up, as it would be to give it.

This is a balance that recognizes that there can be knowledge beyond what we can objectively measure or test, strength in so many other aspects of how we behave and hold true to ideals, but which never loses sight of what our best efforts to determine what is factual in any given moment. and what is the best course of action given those facts; knowing that there will always be tension between these different aspects of what make us human and that the choice of how much of either side of the balance is appropriate, moment to moment, will never be easy.

Understand, of course, that this is just my take on what this balance should be. Is is also an open source idea that you must apply to your life with your own mix, and your own adaptations. Hopefully, in the interplay of the many variations we can find a general consensus through which we can go on cooperating with each other with. In my mind that would be enough.

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