Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Whole Point of Seeing Things in Perspective

There is no doubt about the fact that what ISIS does is not only brutally tragic, and destructive, but frightening as well. The fact that we get such mega doses of what they do as a part of nightly news all the time doesn't help in regards to the last part, especially as it pertains to the other pressing issues we, and the rest of the world face.

The Digg linked video linked here provides some much needed perspective on this. Perspective we need to keep in mind as we prioritize what we address as a part of national security issues. Obviously, an effectively strong military to protect us has to be one of those priorities, but it cannot, by any means, be the only one. Global climate change, for example, must be one as well.

The interesting aspect to this, however, is that taking coordinated actions to address global climate change could also serve to address some significant aspects of why we create enemies in that part of the world in the first place; as in our dependence on oil as a fuel. If we had a hydrogen fuel economy would we need to concern ourselves with that region nearly as much as we do now? And if we weren't as concerned in that manner, wouldn't it be a great deal easier to demand that other affected nations there do a good deal more in confronting what should be more their problem in the first place? I, for one, certainly think so.


ISIS Is Scary, But Its Size Is Very Exaggerated

Media reports and constant violence around the world make ISIS sound enormous and all-powerful. But how big is it really?
The Atlantic

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