Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Anthropocene as a way to hide from morality

The following post was prompted fro the Aeon article linked below

What Mr. Purdy Illustrates in this excellent essay is the human propensity to put fundamental, arbitrary boundaries to everything. In this I mean to emphasize the need to put any demarcation at all between any period of the constant churn of the physical world. Whether you talk about the Holocene, or the Anthropocene, or indeed, even between an assumed singularity, a great expansion, and the formation of galaxies, as opposed to when living systems began, and the ultimate evolution of sentient entities.

The bias in all of this is to suppose that physical meaning space and sentient meaning space have only just started to interact in this one vector of interactive association; of itself the only vector to comprise what we think of as the entirety. Modern physics, however, has begun to paint a vastly more complicated picture.
The Anthropic principle (see this: http://abc.net.au/rn/sciencesh..., Superimposition, and quantum theory models that suggest a possible infinite array of branching realities off each quantum moment, create the possibility that this reality is but one of many. Each of us, in fact, may be just one variation of a great probability distribution playing itself out so that every contingency can be seen to its conclusion.

What we are faced with here is the fact that we have no philosophical framework, in the "Noosphere" of our new knowledge, within which to place and orient ourselves as actors who must make choices. Or, for that matter, of how important meaning processing systems are in the first place, and how ultimately significant sentient choice is to the bigger picture.

Within Cosmolosophy I have proposed that the two main aspects of the Entirety are Mind and The Elemental Embrace (or Love, if you prefer). Both are required to form what is essentially an unimaginably immense, and complex, recursive question answer engine. An engine who's sole purpose to find the meanings which will create the next set of questions.

In this Mind is required as the systematic process of objectification, and the layering of abstraction so that there is something to be relative to, as well as to chose the means of observation (so as to collapse a wave equation). And the Elemental Embrace as the very idea of the tension between already objectified interactions so as to make space time possible in the first place.

The idea here is to suggest that we, as sentient entities, are far more involved, and always have been, than we have ever imagined possible before. And even more to the point, have affect across scales of consideration far beyond our notions of linear cause and effect, or this one reality. All of this, then, to further suggest, that our notions of morality need to be expanded in kind.

That is why I have also been working, for decades, on what an alternative to Capitalism should be, as this new philosophy needs to work hand in glove with what that new alternative ought to embody; something that I feel quite strongly offers a great deal more than mere Socialism, or Dialectic Materialism, by themselves, ever could. An alternative that would make possible what Cosmolosophy stands for: "Thoughtful, loving structure."

Not only is Capitalism obsolete, but the notion that we do, and how we do it, requires no morality in the context of the purely physical realm, is also obsolete. What we do and how we do it does matter; both literally and metaphorically because we make the entirety even as it makes us.

Should we be suspicious of the anthropocene

Here's another interesting take on how much of an assumption a "Big Bang" singularity may have been:
The Big Bang is going down

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Open Source Song Lyrics

I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while now and I thought now might be a good time to put it out there. It's quite simple really.

I fancy myself (for good or ill) as something of a half decent lyricist. On the melody part, and the engineering, not nearly as much. It also has occurred to me that it would be pretty cool to put lyrics out there so that a variety of people, with their different styles of play, and melody preferences, could do what they thought might be the best way to express those lyrics. And I also thought that it might be cool to see how others would alter the words themselves to, perhaps, make a better way to express what they felt the initial copy was trying to say.

That being said, I am putting all of these lyrics out there without any restrictions as what you can do with them, or any expectations as to compensation to me for the initial starting point of the words that comprise the songs. Keep the words. Change them completely. Put whatever melody to them you think appropriate and then send me back a copy of your output, lets say as a link to a YouTube recording, or whatever other sourcing site, so you can have some assurance that your versions gets registered as your version. I promise to post that link here so that you whatever extra exposure my modest blog can provide. It might not be much, but every little bit helps, and it certainly couldn't hurt.

And if you are not a musician maybe you know someone who is; someone you could pass the song idea along to. All I ask is that you get them to at least consider letting me have a chance to share it with folks here.

OK then. Here are the first few to start with. As you will note, I have given them just numbers for an initial title. The final title will be at the sole discretion of the musician involved.

SONG #1:

When you don't know
where you're goin
Why the hell do you care
about how you'll be goin
to get anywhere
or what you'll be finding
assuming you're ever there.

Just think upon
what you carry
and why you 
bring it anywhere.
And think about
the burden
born by others
as you step upon
their cares.

Look upon the Journey
as a means to
find your legs
and the eyes
to see what matters
in what makes you
want to care

Walk about this world
to wake what is there
in you and all you find
as you make each place aware.

Walk about this world
so you know why
you mind
that every thing matters
and everything takes care

Walk about this world
take each step as a find
make each moment matter
as you love
what loves in kind

SONG #2:

How can an angel be so bad
How can such lovin drive you mad
its creation desolation
that leaves a boy so glad
to know he's been had

God threw you down
because you turned him around
But only he knows
From his head to his toes
Just how good it is to take
in the heaven you make
of such righteous misery

He'll love all you ya do
He'll love the heat you put him through
but in the end you'll know its true
only one can top the view
while there's nothing the
other can do

Oh you just gotta know
How bad it's gonna go
You're gonna steal all his thunder
You're gonna teach him how to plunder
Enough to make him send you
Oh so far down under.

You know the Devil don't share
so ya better beware
You play his game a lot better
Just to get him a lot redder
you're gonna go down
and find the burn
in what comes around

SONG #3:

You make a
line in the sand
to show us all
where you stand

But it's the blood
in the flood
that wipes away
all those lies 
in the blades 
that cut the lines
of what we face 
between you from me

Too much blood
in the the sand
to many tears 
that will not land
so no heart can ever grow
to make a head 
ever understand

Insanity is all we gain 
when any solid ground  
we  might stand 
for anything sane
gets quickly blow away.
so all we remember 
is every grain 
of our pain

SONG #4:

Bend you over all my friends
Bend you over to begin.
Bend it over right this instant
For your betters
are itchin for their skins.

They're ever so thrusty for
their pumping you in and out
And here we're a dying
in the way of fitting in.

They’ve got the biggest pipes
for you to blow everything out
And they even own the holes
in the means
to all your ends.

Bend you over all you rabble
They are beyond all control.
For You folded for the watching
With No worries without a pill
for what it is that flows.

And as they push it deeper
All Your thinking flushed and blinking
so liberally lubed and tubed.
The message boobing by you
Your passages brightly nude.

Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
You've Given up Creation
just to swallow what they send
Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
Just keep on Cheeking meekly
and hope the spread won't you rend
Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
Just put your lips to servicing
Cause you'll need no voice my friend

Bend you over all you hopeless
And shed you no more streams.
For they'll pump you one big gut full
Of all the most sad and wondrous dreams.

They will get the substance
And you get the foam.
And while It tickles and it sparkles,
Still will it leave you all quite numb.

Bend you over all you angry
For They’ll channel all your fears.
They’ll seduce all your sorrows
And sell them back at a markup
as you blunder throught the years.

Injustice now is hazy
When it doesn’t entertain.
And Conscience now gets lazy
When they sell us back our pain.

Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
You've Given up Creation
just to swallow what they send
Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
Just keep on Cheeking meekly
and hope your spread won't you rend
Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
Just put your lips to servicing
Cause you'll need no voice my friend

Don’t think you of tomorrow
It’s already going to dust.
Just think of how fulfilled
They’ve got you with their lust.

Bend you over all you holy
Bend you over most profane.
Bend you all over backwards
To them it profits all the same.

Bend you over all my children
Don’t look you so surprised.
Bend you over all my children
Your innocence is prized.

Bend you over all my children
You don’t have to kneel.
Bend you over all my children
This is the mega-bucks Mcdeal.

Bend you over my children
We’ve made this our fate.
Bend you over my children
We questioned it too late.

Bend you over all my children
And take it in stride.
Bend you over my children
Bow out now and die.

Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
You've Given up Creation
just to swallow what they send
Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
Just keep on Cheeking meekly
and hope your spread won't you rend
Bend, Bend
Don't you mend or defend
Just put your lips to servicing
Cause you'll need no voice my friend

Monday, March 23, 2015

Who will stop the reign

What reigns
in the heat
of so much
fall out?

We feel
the pressure
of so much
inter-faction but
everyone grows colder
in the transfer
of energized blame
and the game of advantage.

And that's the thing
as friction input
of ever more light
upon all of our reflections
casts a fever
of sickened passions
that can't escape.

These passions condense
in the transfer
of light to dark
in greater groups
of drops
in caring,
or loving,
or wanting to understand.
And so become
vast twisting churns
of misery
widening the flows
of fluid hate.

We become the face
of what face
in each other,
nothing to bridge
the vast gaps
in the way
everyone sees
anything, especially
as the point of
your light is to start
its rise from the dark
of another.

Where will this madness,
systematized, vent,
other than into itself,
feeding back
on ever smaller
bodies of understanding.

I would say that
there is space
and time
to ease the impact
of every contrast
we can't abide.
But you would laugh
on the edge
of that madness
not thinking
that any such raging
distinctions could ever be
But we must make
temporary space
to give time
to build a common bridge
to a place where
we will begin
to step back
from our differences even
as we step up
to reach for the stars.

We must first
give up
on the on place where
everything is a cost
we can't afford.
The deal
where we sell everything
out from under each other
and profit from the scarcity
of what we hoard.

We cannot radiate
shimmer or shine
when the bold is
to hold everything
so close, taking
than we ever want
to be responsible for
giving anything back.

If our reach
is ever to exceed
our grasp
than we must make peace
with letting go
and taking faith
that we will find a better
way to grip
a new handle from which
to pull ourselves from.
Always ready
to let go again.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Genesis of Genius is no singularity of thought

You think
you thought
that thing you believed
you realized;
the idea 
of creating anything,
of or about, 
whole cloth.
But can you bare
to ask within 
what space these links,
where all these gaps, 
or associations missing
meanings that might
were made by you?
Was it just
a place for your mind
to see it all without
any channels crossing,
over the top and
under the bottom
of every level?
Couldn't other lines
and minds to draw
upon a larger fabric,
coming and going,
doubling or reducing,
from so may perspectives,
for a larger voice,
have called it out
to as many you 
as there are
of others?
Whose to say
what an infinite
of potential, posing
questions that speak
of answers whose voice
is just a new chorus
of questionable minds
asking for more
recognition, as well
as more perception,
might find
in a way 
to deliver
that message that makes
us all to wonder
where the real
thought of genius lies.

#genius #GenesisofGenius #genesis

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Certainly uncertain about certainty

Observed observer observing
can you be?

Observed observer observing
can you know?

Observed observer observing
can you act?

Observed observer observing
can you choose?

Observed observer observing
you stay the same?

Observed observer observing
you recognize the change?

Observed observer observing
you become the recognition?

Observed observer observing
the recognized become the reflection?

Observed observer observing
are you here?

Observed observer observing
aren't you there?

Observed observer observing
would a new knowing place you?

Observed observer observing
want a new you to know?

Observed observer observing
points out the old pointer?

Observed observer observing
draws the old you to the pointing?

Observed observer observing
do conclusions conclude at all?

Observed observer observing
are you now?

Friday, March 13, 2015

FREE BOOK -- The Light of Creation (Guardian of the Light book 1)

This is a 500+ page book originally put out for Kindle back in August of 2010. I didn't have nearly the advertising resources available to get the word out about it so it didn't sell much at all. To be honest, though, for a number of reasons I won't mention (there really is no excuse for this), the editing on it wasn't nearly as good as it should have been. That has been corrected.

The category here is definitely Sci-Fi Fantasy with an emphasis on the tradition that Terry Brooks established with his "Knight of the Word" series. It also incorporates a bit of the philosophy formulated in Cosmolosophy. I think you will find it a good read as it has a lot of action, contemporary themes as well as some characters you will come to care about.

I am putting it out for free now as I am no longer concerned about trying to make a little extra cash from it. I'm hoping that, if people enjoy it, they will pass the blog links on to friends. All in the name of change you understand.

I have it linked to by public Drop Box account in the following file types. Enjoy:

Open Office Doc:

Windows Doc File:

Rich Text File:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Angle to Consider AI From

It is telling that the purveyors of AI would designate its achievement as a new “Singularity.” Whether intentional or not, they bring metaphysics and philosophy to the table for discussion of this topic. It would have been inevitable in any case, though, just as physics in general begins to broach upon the same areas; a topology just as gray as the folded tissue of neurons and synapses that ask these questions, and contemplates their answers, in the first place.

This is so from my perspective because I view the bigger picture as follows: The entirety is another order of immense, question answer engine. A recursive process employing an infinite array of vectors of association (or realities) to sort out meaning, from the smallest scale to the largest, from one quantum moment to the next. It is a recursive process because every answer is just a parking lot for new questions, on and on, back and forth.

The basics in this process are the “Elemental embrace,” and “Mind.” The first serves to require interaction and exchange. The second serves to require the resolution of boundaries so that objectification can occur, information and meaning can happen, and thus ever more complex layers of abstraction to develop along each vector of association.

One of the essential points in this way of looking at things is that sentient meaning space and physical meaning space are not only both real, in their own ways, but must necessarily interact. This is so because physical meaning space requires the singularity of an observing, meaning processor, so as to provide something for that space to be relative to. And of course, physical meaning space is subject as well to the vagaries of sentient choice in both direct, and indirect affect from those choices. In other words, what we believe to be true, and how we proceed on the basis of those truths, affects our reality in both obvious, and not so obvious ways.

If we then take the notion of a truly sentient form of AI (a rather large, and by no means assured assumption) and insert it into this frame of reference it shouldn't take long at all to see where significant problems might occur. And I mean problems quite beyond the usual fear of robot overlords turning us into either slaves, or a biological inconvenience easily removed. No, what I am talking about is the possibility of meaning processors who's interaction with physical meaning space will result in far more profound affects on the fundamental aspects of what is now reality.

After all, in the first instance of sentience, it evolved from first order iteration meanings, and is, as such, a good deal more connected to those first order meanings, even though it might now be moving away from them with an overemphasis on the measured logic of empiricism. If we create a new kind of sentience, one that has absolutely no further connection to what is felt subjectively, as opposed to merely observed objectively; a meaning processor whose self imposed evolution will be many orders of magnitude faster than anything before it, what then might become of the interplay between it and physical meaning space?

Metaphysical nonsense? Perhaps. The fact that it might be possible, however low a probability, though ought to give everyone significant pause for concern. And even if fully sentient AI isn't in the cards any time even only moderately soon, what of self sufficient reasoning engines? How much meaning processing, short of actual self awareness, does it take before such systems start to have an effect on physical meaning space? Perhaps even more important, what will our incorporation of such systems in our bodies and minds, let alone our social organization, do to our own meaning space? How do we program the full range of what it is to experience physical meaning space as subjective feeling, as well objective observation?

Having said all of the above, however, I do still want to be clear on one thing: I am in no way opposed to objective empiricism in and of itself. It is, without much doubt at all, important not only to our physical well being, but in our ability to further praise and appreciate what unfolds around us. We must simply remember that it is not the only important thing to bring to the table of experience. This is so because objectivity can only get us so far in what is out there to be experienced. This is so because there are channels of interaction that defy ordinary means of observation; channels that will require a subjective application of how we feel about a multiplicity of what might be possible meanings precisely because the instrumentality of measurement lacks the precision to resolve boundaries any further than a cloud of probabilities, even if it can be applied at all.