Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thinking Outside the Usual Ground Scope

This post is presented as a comment to the NBCNEWS.com article linked below.

Whether we understand them or not, as well as whether we agree with them or not, cultural traditions and beliefs are something to be respected. Just as to say that the physical impact of what we do in furthering the advancement of knowledge is just as important as whatever potential knowledge might be gained.

It is important not only because of the desires of those whose input we over rule, or of the complex natural systems we may be negatively impacting. The further important consideration here is our ongoing hold of why we inquire in the first place. This is so because how we go about the process of inquiring says a great deal about how we view what we inquire of, and what we intend to do with with new knowledge after we attain it.

A good part of this can be seen in the difference of approach that, say, a native inhabitant of an environment would go about exploring new territory, or even new aspects of a known environment, so as to better understand and adapt to it; as opposed to the industrialist who seeks merely to find more resource to exploit. One retains a reverence and awe of what they seek to understand (primitive or superstitious thought that might be), and the other sees only obstacles to overcome in the more efficient attainment of feed stocks, that would be wasted otherwise. A metaphor I've always felt was, at least partly, expressed in the book Moby-Dick.

You see this same kind of mentality, as well as hubris in my opinion, in the way physicists are applying ever greater energies to the impact of particles which which to hammer away at the nature of matter. Even if we ignore the possibility (however low the probability is) that they are ignoring one of the most basic aspects of very complex systems; namely that small inputs can have very large, and quite unexpected, affects, we are still left to wonder at what this kind violence says about our stance toward that which we seek to understand.

The bottom line in all of this for me is the simple notion that there are always other ways to go about what ought to be a joyous process of discovery; where joyous encompasses the embrace of humility, awe and great curiosity. As in not spending more money on monster colliders, but putting that money into a more vigorous space program instead. Do that not only because nature has already created its own ways of accelerating various bits (which might surprise us in contrast), but also because we could come up with non-invasive accelerators; rings that would allow us the means to explore relativistic mass in new ways, not to mention creating energy gathering instruments (where visible light is but one) limited only by our imagination, and our will to apply both patience and effort, along with a certain kind of morality in both the approach to new knowledge, as well as what motivates us to use it.

Is this so much to ask of Science? Even allowing for the fact that it will probably slow discoveries down to various degrees? 

I would submit that it isn't but I will leave it to the reader to make up their own minds about it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Point and Metaphor of Lines

What is
a line,
of itself,
or as metaphor,
to that which draws
or pushes
us to link
the little bit
of no meaning
in on or off,
as may be,
on whatever plane
or pager
that might
contrast enough
space to channel
a resolution?

How arbitrary
the point
of pointing
or not, for
there's the rub
of that which
never really touches
in the space
that duration imagines
between the potential
of nothing
or something,
and the sequence
of such improbabilities.

Does the nothing
or its demarcation
create the place
for further
potentials too,
as make the point
that points are
real on the form
of meanings
given dimensions,
in the page and the pager,
for each to make of the other.

As always though
the questioned
answer begs
the next,
as to ponder:
if we can point
out with
bounded bits
and gaps
can't all meanings
be measured?
Where Even tone
or no tone
have measures
we can page upon.

But what line
can you draw
with what ever
might point it with,
to connect
the meaning felt
beyond the bounds
of bounding
as can be made
with tones
so changed
by frequency
in type
as well as sequence.

Where's the tongue
or plain to serve
as sounding
board to speak
of bounded definitions
to hold such resonant
Or the eye
to know
their true dimensions.

Neither more
to say
of what I am
told of what
I hold when I
keep my love
By hug
or my hand
in tender mercies
of voice and deed
and the need
of same.
Again of such
resonate meanings
no line can point
about to bind
in bits of measured

So let us understand
one final bit of marking:
Meaning comes
both from the mind,
and the practical
point of measure,
but also
does it form
of the faith
that there is
more than mind
for which meaning
comes to terms
with what gives
and receives
us as spirit
and what that spirit
gives and receives
as heart.

Keep with
your practical measures
but never stop
to that harmony
that keeps
light in the embrace
of all the stuff
of stars.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Most Ever Ever Land You can Imagine

That land
of never
setting down
and never
stopping the taking off,
where you're mind's
eye has a hand
in shaping
the under and over
standing for
the new possible
out of impossibility.

Never Never is
perfect in imperfection,
such a contradiction
of what impossible
hands can reach
to handle.
Ever never and
never ever
much to grasp
and yet
just so
wonderful in what
we might be
touched upon.

So ethereal
and still
we make it
up to clever
never reaches.
The stretch
being the joy
you see,
and suspension
of what you think
you believe
you cannot see.
Taking the stance
where floating
finds new bounds
to ground
upon unfounded planes
to take
and make
as we rise again.

For how else
could we assume
the idea of wings
and other light
headed notions
to feel for
a life of soaring.

Never Never is
the Cosmic Joke
for you
always always
have the possibility
of imagining
the impossible
new eyes
to see
what you couldn't
even begin
to imagine before.

all a head
and alight to
reveal the new
feel for it
because that is
what you were
imagined for.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Live a life of taking Mind Walks

I was reminded today, quite by accident, that one of my most favorite movies, Mind Walk, was based on the work of the philosopher Fritjo Capra. He was the Austrian born American physicist who had a big part in making systems thinking prominent on the American intellectual scene. 

His work, as well as the movie, had a huge impact on how I view the world; especially as it dovetailed so well with the work of Marshall McLuhan, and the larger aspects of how we store, retrieve, and move experience over space and time.

I felt now was as good as time as any to pay homage to his work, as well as to encourage one and all to read his books, and see the movie. Much of what I espouse had its origins in Capra's work. I think you will find it most interesting.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

They have a hard hadron for penetrating nature, not to mention size issues, and they're ready to turn themselves on yet again.

Who are the masters
of this ship
of fools making
for the course
we take
in what we do
and how we do it.
Setting canvas
stitched with anger
to catch what flows
from violence.

They mark
their canvas
as an art
to chart
more penetrating
probes of knowing.
Such instruments of power,
and engineered arrogance,
even as we struggle
to keep from drowning
in a see
to the depths of
greed and exploitation.

The monster they make
of their own darkness
cleaves away
essential limbs
in the growth
of being, making
them angrier still.
What effrontery
to challenge our mastery,
making us understand
only the fear
inherent in doubt.

We have the script
and absolute measures
to name this beast
and thus to handle
as we please.
And we will
get what we want,
and know
what we will.
Whether what we will
changes everything
in what we measure.
And what want
makes us something
we don't want to know.

They need
to be reminded:
Things can also be known
in the reverent embrace
and gentle displacement
of see,
and making
meanings to continue
holding closely,
always ready
to let go.
Where mastery
is not the point
to start from
or seek
to grasp at all.
Rather that
knowing and being
are are an infinite
dance of change
in the nature of see
and the nurture of moral seers

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Keeping your own narrative as a context for survival.

How do you hold
such a voice
to speak,
with whatever script,
for the you to grasp
beyond your reach;
reflecting within the various
stages of immensity.
Trying to resolve
upon the shifting
particulars of so much
that dwarfs the point
from which you reference,
and deconstructs
into ever smaller
meanings, massing
machinations falling
into everything.

Talking back
to keep defining
moments staged appropriately
so you can
characterize a sense
of who remains
to do the talking.

Where do you start
after a stopping, and
where do you stop
after a starting?

Or the company
of fellow facters
that keep the play
of words
toying with each other.
Fiddling around
with such instruments
of pain and joy,
conjugation and

And for guidance
you dream
of the perfect carrier
wave to ride
through the curves
of spirit
to see that faith
is the father
and the mother
of this process.
And you are the son
of a twitch or
the daughter
of a dis-dress,
impossibly conceived,
for you've always been
a thought of a voice and
the voice of a thought;
the handle making
the handler.

There is only to keep
on with the talking,
to walk the talk,
and make the taking;
along with the listening,
to follow the feeling
for the right tone
to stay in tune
with all that we make
and break and
fall apart from
to be together.

This embrace
is elementary and

absolutely necessary.