Saturday, March 5, 2016

Another Dumb Question About the Cosmos

According to recent insights on cosmic background radiation the rate at which the universe has been expanding, is itself increasing. If that is the case, and I certainly don't know the math involved here, how can a universe as old as the one Hubble has now verified still be detectable; assuming, of course, that the rate increase in expansion as been ongoing from the start.

An outsider looking in would think that, after 13 billion years, a point would be reached where the light from that very young galaxy would not have been able to overcome the ever more rapidly increasing distance between it and us. Which would then lead one to suspect that, perhaps, this increase in expansion has not been ongoing. Which, of course, would then beg the next question of what mechanism was involved in starting the increase in expansion rate?

Hubble Spots Farthest Galaxy Yet, Smashes Cosmic Distance Record

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