Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day

Another earth day is here and we should all ask ourselves what are we personally committed to doing about making things right with a planet we have treated almost as bad as we treat each other most of the time.

As such, money, and the system that supports it, isn't really the true culprit here of course. That complex of problems serves to make things a lot worse, mind you, but we all know that it is as the comic strip Pogo once put it: "We have seen the enemy and the enemy is us."

Giving in to indifference. Giving in to despair. Giving in to the powerlessness that a few would certainly like to preserve in the rest of us. Frail and weak in many respects, we are still, however, capable of great compassion and caring. There wouldn't be an earth day otherwise because we can never really get away from being connected to connection itself. Meaningful connection. And if you look at it right you will see that this planet was the beginning of meaningful connection for all living things; us included. Which means we must have our own inherent meaning as well. If only we could see it.

And maybe. Just maybe. We are being given this one last chance to show up and be there for her when it really matters the most because now it really does. Our choices now will determine if meaning will continue or not. All of this amazing, meaningful, interdependence that life developed, and that we have been systematically destroying. Mostly because we can't stop being so caught up in our own petty differences with each other; centered of course on which is the correct way to live, and believe, and which isn't, when we all should share at least one common goal: the preservation of life itself, first and foremost.

Another Earth Day

Friday, April 20, 2018

Another Interesting Conjecture Concerning Cargo Containers

I know. I can hear the voices asking, with great incredulity: "You're doing a conjecture on cargo containers? Seriously?"

But hey, you have to understand something here. Public logistics, across a wide spectrum, locally, regionally, nationally, and for the rest of the world, is of absolute concern if you are someone who thinks in terms in full integration of any number of critical social needs. If you can't get it where you need it, when you need it, what good is it going to do you, after all. And what I am talking about here applies to just about all areas of human effort.

So yes, I do think providing conjecture here is just as important as any philosophical one might be.

That being said, what I am wanting to talk about now is what might be a better way to go about having container traffic done by airborne Dirigible Blimp train; specifically referencing how you do the interface between loading, and unloading such long craft, without necessarily having to have an airfield, in the ordinary sense, involved at all.

This has been bothering me for a while now, actually. 

Originally I thought you might use existing airports in a new way for these new kinds of trains. I thought you might want to try having the trains come in quite slow, and just after crossing over the runway beginning, would begin lowering containers down; either to waiting carts being towed below, or just down to their own wheels (taking the weight penalty) so that they could then self steer themselves to appropriate cargo gathering areas. Thus, with one pass, you could unload entire train, and then, with another slow pass you could pull up waiting convoys of outgoing, self steering containers.

And the thing is, you might actually be able to make that work, but even if you could, it wouldn't be the most elegant way to do it by any means. And would undoubtedly take some serious effort to solve all of the problems associated with it. But what if you took another approach altogether?

What if you designed a new kind of airborne cargo container. One that was built of the lightest composite material truss work you could come up with, from either natural, or carbon/natural, fiber combinations, that would have special mounting sockets on all four corners. These sockets would allow for the connection of completely autonomous, singular ducted fans, on a gimballed mount, units. Units that would have their own battery packs that would give them (at the very least), say, 30 minutes of flight time to either fly up to and mate with a container, in flight, inside an airtrain unit; and then recharge so that it would have another thirty minutes of flight time to get the container back on the ground. And of course, you could reverse the process to get new containers back up to be shipped to new locations. And in this, you could have the airtrains orbiting over a port marshalling yard almost anywhere you might want to have a port at.

The big downside here would be the clouds of these autonomous lifting/landing fans flying around wherever you put the new ports at (though one assumes that existing ports might actually handle this sort of thing quite well). Some existing airports might handle it quite well, and some not so much at all, but you could compensate for that, I think, by just co-locating airtrain ports, with already existing, large warehouse facilities.

Just something to think about as you give logistics the consideration it really deserves.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Exciting News On The Graphene Front

This is tailored for filtration applications but even so, it's still a very big step. Not only do we need to be building desalination plants everywhere we can for direct human use, we will also need to pre desalinate sea water before we do electrolysis on it via my sea based, Yen Tornado Turbines. Doing that saves a lot of after the fact processing to deal with if you leave the salt in while you zap it.

MIT researchers develop scalable manufacturing process for graphene sheets

Monday, April 16, 2018

Is Spirit Just Another Way For a Meaning Processor To Talk About Meaning, Energy, And Quantum Entanglement

The tricky thing about talking about information, as opposed to meaning, is that meaning has to underlay both, because information must be expressed via a meaning system of some sort, and of course meaning can't exist at all if there isn't something meaningful to allow for it to exist in.

Information is separate from meaning in the sense that, as you step back to gain a broader perspective, or look much closer, to isolate factors to a particular scale of consideration, you turn known things into new objects collections that have no new, desired linkages, with which to make new propositions of cause, and effect with. The information is what you can collect concerning these new black boxes, in whatever metrics that are available to you, as it all relates to each other in an unavoidably arbitrary frame of reference; typically an operating situation of some complex form, that you have been closely associated with over time . The meaning is then whatever new relationships you can discern, with as many of the new, meaningful connections, between your known objects, that you can describe, that would make this new relationship hold together.

Once meaning is described, however, does how its stored matter? And I hasten to add that I mean this question in a sense beyond just the practical considerations that guys like Harold Innis described in the "Bias of Communication" (you know, where whether its a clay tablet, or a scroll, might change whether your society was spread out over time better, or physical space better). And in this sense I am wondering if one form contains a spirit that the other cannot.

Uh Oh. I've done it now. Talking about the spirit of a thing.

Of course, on the one hand a would be philosopher ought to be able to have some slack cut if he were of a mind to at least broach the subject every now and again. On the other hand, though, if a philosopher who also claims to be Mr. Process guy, how does spirit fit in? And remember also that, if your cosmology also allows that meaning processors are fundamental in the expression of energy, why wouldn't their utilization of instrumentality not have lasting, entangling, effects.

In point of fact here I am trying to make clear in my mind whether a book can have a spiritual mysticism that an electrical switching system, simply rearranging numbers to represent descriptive content, does not. Which is not necessarily to say that the electronic machine itself, as a whole, would not have spirit; assuming people worked on it to make it come into being; with hands, and meaningful intent by an actual meaning processor.

I know, it's a thin margin of difference to say that a book's content has one bit of spirit, and that the book itself also has some, to the degree that people actually worked to make it happen. If other machines made it, though, what then?

Am I just talking about the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin here, in any case?

Or is it simply a matter of the combination of both belief, and meaning, that makes things be whatever enough of us describe; with whatever degree of meaning we can muster, as well as the degree of belief?

Will AI ever be able to master both meaning and belief? Any more than intuition or imagination? Will AI ever be able to take a leap of faith? Will AI ever be able to understand balance as I have described it in my philosophy? Understand the metaphorical overlays of what I am talking about when I say we must live the tension, of working the negotiations and compromises, that must form the balance between Father Fortress, and Mother Earth? Or, expressed more basically, the compromises between the fundamentals of Mind, and the Elemental Embrace?

I am just asking questions here. I am always just asking questions. I can't help it. It's a necessary part of trying to create a philosophy that appeals to a questioning mind. It is also just a part of the curse of not only living in "Interesting Times," but also of having been so naive as to what the consequences of being so curious about everything would entail; so naive as to how it would leave me to deal with so much; at least as that curiosity has come up against commercialized life as we now know it.

I believe in spirit and magic because I have experienced them directly. Early on especially. I have had, for instance, books speak to me without words, from a bookshelf. Most usually from a used book store shelf. And in point of fact, back when I was selling blood for books in the mid seventies, I would get a feeling from a book, the title of which might, or might not, have anything in them to suggest their applicability, but for which the feeling would say: you must read this. And in almost every case it was precisely so. To an amazingly important degree, in fact, as to critical aspects of things that would help me understand the concepts that I have come to rely on to get me to this point; for both an analysis of Capitalism, and a suitable alternative; not to mention a philosophy to with which to provide a proper foundation for change.

So are we then confronted with effect without material causality? And to that I would answer that just because we are not aware of how a mechanism works doesn't mean it has to work by magic, or not at all. It is just that certain parts take place in contexts that have to be implied because the cosmos is just complicated that way. Way more so, in fact, than we will ever be able to fully comprehend. And we won't be able to do that because there will always be limits to what we can objectify in the first place, from our primary scale of existential consideration, let alone with any objective precision in scales outside our primary. Which is why, in the end, even scientists will have to take some things on faith eventually.

Bottom line? Do not ever think that old books are an anachronism because they simply are not. Just like a house, that people have lived, and died, in, is more than just a building. The entanglements just go on and on and on. And as long as small inputs can have large effects, in very complex systems, you just better believe that spirit, and magic, are real. You will live longer, and more rewardingly, if you do.

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[Post Note: I know I've posted this link before, but I just couldn't resist posting it again here. J.V.]

You thought quantum mechanics was weird: check out entangled time

Sunday, April 15, 2018

It's Not a speeding locomotive, It's not an accelerating plane. It's Super Meaning Processors!

To objectify
and make effect
of object.

To create
the how of connection?
For what meaning
can meaning have
without connecting

To those things
already known,
with handles of course
to grasp them by,
for what is an object
without its handle.

And oh don't we want
to reach out for more
grasp than we can
But we do need
to keep reaching.
For everything,
within the sway
of balance,
we can imagine.
Because we can
make what we imagine.

We are the choice
makers inherent
in having the other
need to make choices
as to the one
or the many
that energizes
getting the connections
to work. So it all keeps
going round
with the true gravity
of self sustaining iteration.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Just Like The Outdated Economic System That Created It, We Need To Start Over

Garbage in garbage out as they used to say. Start with a very bad, very out of date economic system, and then, in its later stages of decay, have it create a new information exchange for the world? Are you really that surprised that it would turn out this bad? Even knowing that it is electrified information itself, and what that has done to the foundations of Democracy, that has created so much of all of the problems we face today. And for the very simple reason that you can have an informed electorate, or you can have a controlled electorate, but you certainly can't have both.


Even those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong — from the architects who built it.

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[Post Note: And finally, how are we to know much about those who influence the internet the most when they get to know more about us than we will ever get to know about them. Which puts us in the position of having to trust that these very powerful corporations will tell us things that we need to know. Things like Facebook now is probably be wishing people didn't have such complete info on. And certainly Facebook isn't the only player of import here. And if we also then vilify the leakers on a one size fits all methodology, what then? Nothing very good I would think. J.V.]

The Cupertino, California-based company said in a lengthy memo posted to its internal blog that it "caught 29 leakers," last year and noted that 12 of those were arrested.

[Post Note: Isn't it interesting to consider that, as one ponders why one is, well, let's consider fighting for a living first, year after year, and one is hoping for a deeper exploration as to the reasons for this, that the first thing one would need is a public forum in which a proper discussion could be carried out. And to do that of course one would also need a forum one could trust for a proper exploration of those reasons. And certainly this is related to workers in general now wondering what meaning they have in what they do, as very arbitrary, and often quite coldly logical (or illogical) markets make the decisions as to value, and worth, and meaning. The very kinds of things that tend to define the limits of our options before we even begin asking questions about what we can do about much of anything.

If, however, one cannot trust anything that comes down from any information source these days, because no one puts info out anymore without the expectation of getting more back in return for what was given out, then what chance do you think there is for anybody looker for real meaning to find it?

That's right, not very much.


After nearly 17 years of war, service members have seen plenty of patriotic displays but little public debate about why they're fighting.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

With All This Worry Over Possible War, Possible Rodents Coming To Testifying Before Congress, Actually Planning To Leave Same, Or Quite Haven't Decided What To Do Yet, Other Than Not Doing Their Jobs

There are still other pressing issues going on that everybody seems hell bent on ignoring no matter what. Tens of thousands are dying all over the world simply because they have no habitable place to go. And, lest we forget, the planet itself is not very happy either. Hence the new info below from Mach on about Antarctic ice.

That hole in the ice could be just a very odd seasonal anomaly. Then again, it could be something else entirely, as the indicated trend line for the ice so far ought to surely suggest. Do we wait until it's too late to do anything about it, just to be sure one way or the other? With what is at stake?

I certainly don't think so, but then I am biased about this. I make no pretense about it at all. Even with that, however, you would have to admit that the trend line for arctic ice so far is scary as hell. That is if you were of a mind to pay attention at all of course. Let alone do something if there were a way to do something about it. Which of course there is, but you just don't care anymore, do you. Too many other things going on that you just can't pull yourself away from. Oh well.

It was such a nice planet once. Perhaps the next tenants will do better with it.

A Massive Hole Was Spotted in The Antarctic Sea Ice

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Harsher winters and rising seas: Study finds slowing ocean could mean climate extremes

[Post Note: Sometimes I hate it when I am right. And this new circulation info is a real case in point. We must take this very very seriously. It is long past time to start considering what our immediate actions should be, now that we face a very real existential threat. And as I have said before: we need to change our social/economic/political setup in a very substantial way because Capitalism is in no way capable of getting us through this. And, as we did in WW2, mobilizing would require a managed economy in any case; because there can be no mistake, we must mobilize now. But we must do this in a way that can affect the grand compromise that I have proposed between the Right and the Left. If we do that, and we get rid of Capitalism, we still have a good chance to make this right. But make no mistake as well, this will require a lot of hard work, and sacrifice; just like it did when WW2 got everybody working from the same shared vision. J.V.]
The oceans’ circulation hasn’t been this sluggish in 1,000 years. That’s bad news.

[Post Note: Seeing as how we may soon be living on a planet with no ice at its poles, one wonders just how you go about making education be "future proof" as far as jobs go (other than for disaster cleanup of course). This is an especially pertinent question when you realize that it is, in the largest part, our current economic system, where we made jobs, and livelihoods, be dependant on more and more consumption, that has put us not only into dangerous territory concerning our environment (and our relations with other nations), but also as it relates to what the nature of work should be in the first place. No small question when you also have other, related questions, about how that same obsolete economic system has made information itself become a thing lusted after just as much as gold used to be; and therefore hardly conducive anymore for the kinds of distribution that a Democracy would require to continue existing. So how much choice do you think these kids are going to have to exercise in the first place?

But hey. If this gives folks something to do while they wait for the end, who am I to pass judgement on them. J.V.]

Students are being prepared for jobs that no longer exist. Here's how that could change