Friday, January 12, 2018

We Have To Imagine, Think, and Feel, Big, If We Are To Save Ourselves, And The Planet

The thing is, we will never be able to do any of these things if money, and the corrupt economic system that supports it is involved.

The problem, you see, is that, selling out tends to destroy a good part of all of those good behaviors. And commoditized addiction insures that whoever is left feeling, or thinking at all is focused on a completely different kind of fix for what ails.


A Princeton glaciologist says a set of mega-engineering projects may be able to avert cataclysmic sea-level rise.

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Northern England is set to get a whole lot greener. If fully realized along the lines announced this week, the forest will ultimately contain 50 million new trees, stretched in a dense 62,000-acre patchwork along a 120-mile strip.


Humanity has turned the planet into an immense, long-term experiment of what happens when we tinker with the types and quantities of gases in the atmosphere.

[Post Note: The thing here, of course, is that we could use this sort of tech to aid us in having nearly self sufficient City States, as opposed to replacing us as no longer competitive workers. J.V.]

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Everything Is Interconnected

So, if you are a mean spirited bully, who also doesn't understand this, and you happen to be in charge of a nation, certain hard realities are likely to come back to bite you in the ass.

Case in point. For a while there, after a weather disaster in Puerto Rico, it was convenient for this bully to make political points with a very ignorant base of supporters, at the expense of suffering American citizens. It was convenient for this bully because, in his supreme ignorance, Puerto Rico didn't seem to have any political, or, most importantly, economic power.

Funny thing though. Puerto Rico is where a lot of the IV bags used by hospitals are made. Woopsy! His bad.

And as bad as this could be, it only serves to illustrate how much worse other, ignorant refusals to understand complexity in a complex economic system, could be. The ones we don't know about yet, but will probably have to find out about the hard way. You know, when it's too late to do much more than lament the fact that a mean spirited bully is still in a very important office.

Just something to chew on as you count yourself lucky that you don't need an IV bag right now.

Saline shortage has hospitals scrambling as flu season hits


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Will Someone In the GOP Kindly Take Their Heads Out Of Their Anal Orifices...

Please. You are starting to really scare the children now; and I am referring to actual children in this regard, just to be clear.


The first congressional criminal referral in connection with Russian meddling targeted a former British spy, not anyone accused of conspiracy.

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FBI knew of possible Trump-Russia collusion, according to Glenn Simpson’s Senate testimony

Friday, January 5, 2018

Society, And the Planet, As A Whole, Would Have A Lot More Longevity...

If we had a way to live that fostered better purpose, and meaning, because the two have to go together.

People with meaningful purpose just have more natural incentive to take care of themselves, as well as their connections; not only to each other, but to all of the natural systems that make life possible in the first place.

Right now we let work create our values; by the cold logic of counters, net gain, and personal accumulation . And little could be more at odds with balance.

The right stance should be to have already found our values (both spiritual and practical), by personal investigation, learning, involvement, and loving interaction; those very values that we wish to work for, and towards, to preserve the structure that could continue to foster the stability to pass it on forever; together, fully engaged with each other, so that difficult consensus can be maintained. Not the easy path by any means, but surely the better path.

Think about it because we could structure a way to do this. We must first recognize that it needs to be done. We must then make the commitment to do it. Then we must begin the negotiations, and compromises, to make it happen.

How can I live longer? Researchers say the key to longevity may be simpler than we think

Thursday, January 4, 2018

More "War On Drugs" Idiocy

But what is one to expect from an administration that motivates along in a demented clown car.

Let's not forget as well that it seems to please this administration a great deal more to go after anything progressive, rather than anything actually constructive of the nation's current, physical well being; especially as it relates to either infrastructure, balanced budgets, affordable justice, or a health care system that actually provides the care, and not just the opportunity to purchase a plan; one which, most likely, carries so much deductibility, that it will hardly ever pay for anything.

Do not let this idiocy stand. People willing to pay for taxed pot consumption (and thus not indirectly pay Criminal Capitalism Inc in any way) is not a major problem right now. Anything can be done to excess of course but, as potential addictions go, pot is small potatoes of the first order. I mean seriously, compared to the addictive power of money itself? Are you kidding me (and didn't we just witness the GOP give a big fix to their donor base recently -- with the gall to call it tax reform)? Take whatever peaceful action you can.

AP News Break: US to end policy that let legal pot flourish

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

These Kinds Of Lines Of Inquiry Are Important

And I support them, but let us not forget one major concern that ought also to be a top priority. And that is simply that the commoditization of VR, which will be, to put it mildly, the commoditization of fantasy on a whole new level; that commoditization will be a dangerous new link to addiction, and the overall furtherance of Capitalism as the number one enabler of addiction in the first place.

This is, after all, nothing more than to say that, as in other aspects of life right now, philosophy must also be revolutionary, to some extent at least.

How could it not be when a complete rethink on what is the nature of work, and by extension, what should we value to work for, is also required. But then, what else would you expect when electrified experience retrieval, the thing that makes VR possible in the first place, has rendered Capitalism absolutely obsolete; both because human skill is no longer a viable, competitive commodity, but also because this new electrified environment requires a completely new kind of involvement to be adequately responsive to -- assuming your goal is continued survival; the very kind of involvement in depth that VR would tempt to suggest in fantasy, but for which we actually need in everyday, working life. Something the factory mindset of Capitalism was never even dreamed of to be able to provide.

I can only hope that the Philosophical Community, as well as the social, and hard, sciences, will come to this revolutionary view. and soon. As I have said countless times before, time is not on our side.

New realities are imminent -- how VR reframes big questions in philosophy

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[Post Note: And let us also not forget that, within the commoditization of everything, lies the terrible creep of how money can corrupt every process; even one dedicated to finding scientific truth. J.V.]

Apple investors urge action on iPhone addiction among kids

Saturday, December 30, 2017

It Was Always Meant To Be A Compromising Situation. Make The Best Of It.

I am one
and I am many.
I am love
and I am mind.

I am reason
and desire.
and always changing

I am the object
and the feeling,
the point,
and the waves.

I am outside
and inside.
I am up
and I am down.

I am cold
and I am hot.
I am evil
and I am good.

I am black
and I am white;
the pain and the pleasure,
the joy and the sorrow.

I am awe
and mystery,
wonder and disappointment.

I am here
in the moment,
and every bit
of out there
to get it done.

I am darkness
and I am light.
I am empty
and I am full.

I am all the things
that the infinite
of potential can be
and you are the energy
to make it so.
And now you know.

It wasn't the taking in,
or the being taken,
from that always tempting
tree of branching
that began
the word
that outed knowledge,
that was the sin.

It was thinking
in the first place
that knowing would come
without being
the responsibility
that decides the place
for the miracle
of choice to say
this is the answer
to the ongoing question
of where the balance
needs our fulcrum
to take the load
of all of the strains
of living all of the opposites
through the give
and the take
of compromise.

With the right connections
meaningfully compromised
you will always have
the most creative light
to guide your way.

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Happiness has little to do with it. Research suggests meaning in your life is important for well-being.