Friday, May 25, 2018

Can We Dare Hope?

Somebody, already making a ton of money on it, actually becoming concerned about making the apocalypse a commodity? Might this be a trend towards conscience amongst the tech community?

Time will tell.

Far Cry 5’s Creator Is Worried The World Might Actually Be Ending (HBO)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Back In The Really Old Ages Of Pangea

When the continents were still pretty much one linked mass, atmospheric circulations out and about at the time weren't much to talk about. As in not circulating much at all, especially as it relates to what might have been going on, because there was a lot of water everywhere else, but land barriers were in the way. So things got not only pretty hot, but also quite dry, and stayed that way for quite a while.

Of course things seldom happen in complete isolation so why not also kick a whole lot of material into the atmosphere. From a bunch of volcanoes, in this instance, that did what they do for a good long time as well. Something else to make things get hotter. So hot, in fact, that gobs upon gobs of moisture was put into the atmosphere from all that water, everywhere else. So much, in fact, that it could overcome, eventually, the land barriers mentioned above, and come tumbling over into once arid land. Continuously. Because that became the first big circulation change to happen in eons.

That last sentence needs to be repeated:

Because that became the first big circulation change to happen in eons.

After which, of course, things couldn't change to something else until other big factors took effect; like the appearance of a whole new plethora of plant life to start taking out the carbon that was oh so helpful in making things hotter in the first place. And also a new era of waterborne erosion, as well as tectonic plate shifting affects finally pushing the land masses further apart. And of course those changes took their own eons of time to accomplish.

What this serves to illustrate is very simple. We are like the volcanoes mentioned above. Only we've done, in a mere few hundreds of years, what took them a lot longer to do. We put in enough stuff to block infrared radiation from the ground, and air, to radiate back into space. to make things start getting hot again. And now that extra, continuous build up of heat, is leaving ever less ice at both poles of the planet; something that used to reflect a lot of the sun's light, and thus prevent the surrounding ocean from absorbing more heat; which in any body's book is a really bad double whammy.

So what does that leave us with boys and girls? Yes, that's right:

Another coming, very big change, in planetary air, and ocean circulations.

And let's just be clear about what happened in the one described via the posted video link. Terrible floods came; over and over again. Whole species died out. And very little was the same ever again. What will happen this time is, actually quite difficult to predict because it's just too complex a system now to extrapolate beyond a few weeks, let alone a few years (as any weather forecast will confirm). Whatever it will be, though, won't be much good for the lifeforms that have become dependant on the old status quo. And that most definitely includes us.

That dear reader is what we are riding on a terrible accelerator towards. A terrible accelerator because it is Capitalist competition, and excess electrified. And you have all been so befuddled by the mesmerizing, and corrupting, nature of it all, to even care to want to notice all that much, let alone do anything about it. And more's the pity.

That One Time It Rained On Earth For Two Million Years Straight

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In My Experience, What This Often Comes Down To Is

A guy with a stick up his butt about an aspect of his own, deep personality (we're half women and half something else after all), that he has never been able to deal with. And yes, I know that's a cliche now, but it also happens to be a cliche that guys with way too much power seem to share to the point now that it's a cliche as well.

You would think, these being cliches and all, that we'd have made a great deal more progress on addressing the issues involved. You would think. But then I hear that "thinking" itself has become a cliche as well. It would follow, certainly, as we are now in the age of "The Absurdity Of Growing Up."

Unless, of course, you're ready to start getting truly revolutionary about it. Thinking I mean. And growing up. And understanding a lot more about a lot of dualities (if you want to have a lot of fun seeing both sides of this duality made fun of see the movie "The Other Guys;" which only proves that this too has become a commodity! Gods help us).


Scott W. Stern's book documents a decades-long program to incarcerate "promiscuous" women.

Could This Perhaps Also Be Because We Need To Respect

Both notions of either a "Higher Power," or a "Higher Purpose," because they both have something to say about what it is to exist, and to seek both meaning in the here and now, as well as transcendent explanation, in the larger scope of things. Two goals I think we will need in great abundance if we are to succeed in also finding a way to work the hard negotiations that would allow an ever dynamic balance to be sought between the two. Because that is the only way this planet, and most of the life on it, will survive.


International development has focused on material goods, but religion has an important role to play in human flourishing.

Dystopia Is A Commodity Now

An entertainment commodity. A survivalist industry commodity. And a semi favorite commodity topic of the commentariat. And as with all commodities, it suffers from a lot of banal creators, and banal creators of advertising; like a lot of marketing these days.

The really interesting thing, though, is that it seems to sell quite well banal or not. But only as something to be consumed. And we remain blithely distracted as one form of it, or another, works to consume us. What a deal, hugh?


We throw the word around a lot, but the dystopic is in the eye of the beholder.

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[Post Note: Apparently now your face, and recognizing where it is all of the time, is also a must have commodity. Don't expect to get much in return for this however. Sure, they'll try and sell you on the cold comfort of supposedly knowing where the bad guys are, but given certain concerns you might have on how a guy worth something like $700 Billion might throw his weight around, and given how you might want to voice those concerns, publicly certainly, don't you think you ought to be more concerned who is in charge of deciding who, exactly, are the "bad guys?" J.V.]


New documents obtained by the ACLU shed light on Amazon’s Rekognition project.

[Post Note: Here we see another concept that started more as a sales pitch than anything else; selling a depiction of how we could package a consuming way of life to the rest of the world, where "free" meant only the choice to buy into, or not to buy into what the masters of production were really selling: the total dominance of market mentality. A dominance, as we've come to see, that takes over all aspects of what we can then come to value. J.V.]


Columnists and politicians decrying the decline of the West can't seem to define what it is they're defending. The entire concept was developed for a very particular historical moment.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We Compound Shame Upon Shame As We Encounter These Desperate People

And let us not forget here that much of the chaos that these people run from was created by our crazy wars. Wars on Communism. Wars on Drugs. And now our apparent war on common sense and decency.

Shame on all of us for not speaking up more forcefully on this matter. We could help them without it being a zero sum game, even as we help to solve problems in our own communities. We just can't do it when we allow ourselves to be turned against each other because Capitalism is the zero sum game of choice for those who are quite comfortable with keeping it that way. The ones who have convinced us that we can't utilize our own skills unless we do it through their view of a proper distribution of resources; as in working a gold mine where we do all of the digging, they get most of the gold, and we are left with one very toxic shafting process, that you know will never be cleaned up.

'Anguish' at southwest border as more immigrant children are separated from parents

Monday, May 21, 2018

What Could Be More Absurd Than A Former Systems Analyst Aspiring To Become Philosopher

A systems analyst? Seeking to elevate process itself to a form of divinity? Seeking to establish a duality between "A Higher Power," and "A Higher Purpose?" Seriously?

A duality, it turns out, that just becomes another layer of metaphor over his beginning set of dualities: "Father Fortress," and "Mother Earth;" colorful terminology for what he wants to establish as Elemental Intents:"

As in The needed intent of objectification in the first place, as well as point of view, as represented in the ever more rationalizing, and identity creating, process that language can become, as it becomes more physical in form; hence the progression form purely oral cultures, through stone, and clay tablets, scrolls and parchment, through to typography itself, and described as "Mind" and mind meaning space.

As in, as well, the needed intent of the many waves, and all of the analogs (all of the giga wiggles that signify a whole lot of rubbing going on we do not experience directly, but could experience, perhaps indirectly, but still revealing a great deal more, of what can be revealed, than we've been lead to believe so far), that manifest the idea of "the need to come together and exchange," or "The Elemental Embrace" as I like to call it. Also known as "Body Meaning Space."

And last, but certainly not least, the guy who claims that we are now in the age of "The Absurdity Of Growing Up" in the first place?

So I ask you. What could be more absurd that that? A lot of things probably, but none of which would help very nearly as much as I think my philosophy would. But of course, it would be quite absurd of me to think otherwise. Wouldn't it?

Is philosophy absurd? Only when you’re doing it right

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A new experiment hints at surprising hidden mechanics of quantum superpositions.