Monday, February 19, 2018

If These Tragically Motivated Young Folks Find Success In This, And You Have To Hope That They Do

They will have achieved what working people as a group may well have to achieve, here in the not so distant future at all. Namely that they too will have to seize control of the economic debate, perform massive work walkouts, and march in solidarity with each other as much as they can. It might end up being the only thing that makes it clear to the wealthy few that business as usual is over.

And as far as the gun issue itself is concerned, let's be clear: You can't get rid of guns (any more than you can get rid of drugs); nor should you even want to try. You can, however, go a hell of a lot further in making sure that only sane, reasonably well adjusted individuals have quick access to them. And each community can make up its own mind as to what types of weapons to limit, and how they go about doing the limiting; understanding that coordinating these efforts with other communities only makes good sense (which is why we need to completely revamp weapons tracking so that we at least know who is having a problem with their share of limiting harm). That way we can negotiate better ways of doing harm limitation; ways everybody can live with.

Let's also be clear here that this is, in its essence, a statement of what government is supposed to be involved with. Something you can state fairly easily as the following: Government does a very bad job of trying to legislate against either stupidity, or mental illness, or outright evil, if you want to take it that far. What government can be good at, especially if you take money out of the equation, is limiting harm. And that is the way we need to approach this issue. Just as it ought to be with our approach to drugs.

Students seize control of gun debate, plan walkouts and march

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Here's An Interesting Conjecture, That Just Occurred To Me, Concerning Adding Ice To The Poles

Let's, just for the moment, say that it is more than just possible for me to create vast forests of lighter than air, lift doughnut supported, stacks of carbon fiber, tethering tube socks. Each one then a combined support column that would have X amount of carrying capacity, at whatever is the practical sweet spot, of highest lighter than air altitude. Where X is, of course, how big you are willing to make each lift doughnut; keeping in mind that, as you rise in altitude, you must also increase in size to allow for the greater displacement that's required to float anything, in a new pressure relationship.

So far, what I've been proposing is that we simply lay linked sheets of both reflective material, as well as some ratio of solar collectors as well, across these forests of supports, to reflect sunlight, and provide power for other options. Well, another option just occurred to me.

Some of you have probably already connected the dots here on what might also be possible, but I'm going to pass this along anyway. And keep in mind, also, that this next bit might be stretching things beyond purest credulity, because it will certainly be asking a lot for lighter than air technology to do; which is why we will really need to be creative here in thinking through how we might make this work. But enough with the caveats.

What I was thinking about is essentially this: How do we set up something of a conveyor belt system, of sorts, that would haul figurative buckets of ocean water up, to, again, the highest height we could practically achieve; let the water freeze up at that higher level, and then let the weight of the, now ice blocks, help continuously with the effort to bring up more seawater, as the blocks go back to the surface to be more of the ice we really need there?

Even if we had to augment with powered lift doughnuts, providing continuous electric fan powered thrust to do so, as well as connected Dirigible Blimp, Airtrain units, to provide additional electrical power, as well as lift support, wouldn't it be worth the effort? And with whatever mix of elements, Couldn't we still say that it was being done with solar power (because it will be wind turbine power that will create the hydrogen that the Airtrain units will run on), a significant part of which, at least, would be collected on surrounding, lift column supported, collector mats?

Think about it. Think about what other really creative things we could do to turn the warming around if we could be, all of us, really focused on it, and empowered to make magic happen. Because if we do do this in the right, inclusive way, magic will happen. I can feel it in my bones, wild dreamer or not.

Friday, February 16, 2018

It May Not Be The Best Plan, But It May Well Be The Best Plan Narrowing Options Are Likely To Give Us In The Time We Have Left

Both sides have to understand something very important:

Even  as it takes the Many to Make The Few,

It also takes the Few To Make The Many.

As we seek better ways to, in a very integral sense, grow our children up, as we do so, the process seems to (or I have always felt ought to) also have them growing us up a bit more as a result, as well. Assuming, of course, that we have it in our power to provide, with some assurance of stability, the basics that make life not only possible, but bearable as well; and by bearable I mean both in a practical sense, but also in the sense that how we're doing it feels right; precisely because we're trying to do right with each other, in meaningful ways; working it out locally so we can negotiate our own best path by actually talking to one another as an integral part of, everyday working life. And then going that extra step, once we get the training in, in trying to shift around in what needs to be done, so that we can all get a better idea of the full reality, of what it takes to make a practical, and caring, community happen.

I understand. This may well be the rantings of an idealistic dreamer, but still... I have to tell you that it feels right... Right to somebody whose continued existence was made possible by, whether he understood he was doing so or not, following the best balance he could between two opposites in his personality he wasn't even aware he had, to its fullest extent at least, till fairly recently. A balance that ultimately made him create a philosophy he had no idea would become so complete (however relative you might consider complete).

I made this approach to an alternative be designed as it is because it both felt right, and because it makes the best practical sense, that we're ever likely to be able to make, given the two, both terribly intimidating, challenges we have to face now, and our narrowing options because of time

Capitalism is broken. It simply does not work correctly in an electrified environment.

In twenty years, or even less, the temperature of this planet may well tip over a point we will never be be able to recover from. Understanding that it is both because of not only unresolved Capitalist, unpaid, full life cycle costs, of all the things done as a part of the, very real material, and technological development, it created; but that it is also because we are so many now as well; and always making more.

Because of these two main realities, we must mobilize now. Just as if this were a more traditional attack on our physical being. The problem there, however, is that to do such a mobilization, without first also addressing the existing inequality of outcomes we have in place, would be risking a great deal of internal, social turmoil, just when we need further distractions like we need more holes in our heads.

I think my approach to, what is basically just us running our own communities, is the way to address this because we would go into the change by doing a super employee buyout of everything. By which we, and I mean working people, as well as salaried, up to millions a year (it's all negotiable you know), would then be able to run things, temporarily, as a completely managed, super single payer, corporate/government entity; of which, of course we would all the shareholders of.

In this scenario everybody just keeps doing what they were doing starting out. We figure out what a minimum living wage is and we implement it. From then on, no matter what you are employed doing, you will get what the job should pay as the minimum wage, but with the difference being made up by the new Federation Government as your payment to yourself for the bond you took out, on your own credit, for this very, super buyout, purpose.

We then try to streamline everything we do as a consumptive nation.

We get rid of marketing because we won't need it anymore. We can choose as regions and city states what we want to make basic in bulk, and with automation as well, for what, we can figure out, that it will take to meet majority decided, branding translations, to what will be a necessarily limited lists of choices. At least until we get more of the commons set up where all community instrumentality, as well as the full rights of materials utilization each person's share of participation would allow, so that the individual could then make whatever desired end use item, need or fancy, might prompt them to make in their more generously available free time.

We get rid of excessive packaging because we won't need that anymore, either.

We rationalize, completely, all energy creation, and delivery, into a new mix of what still works best, environmentally, with conversion to hydrogen as the ultimate staple fuel; delivered without the unnecessary, high tension, overhead transmission systems we have now; preserving an outdated model of centralized production, to provide for the demand.

We rationalize, once and for all, and make more efficient, our healthcare system; using the Federation government to help rethink how each locality can help, each other locality, treat people exactly as they need to be treated, with true local care and involvement, but with information always organized so that we can keep track of important developments, as well as to aid in the development of new, and/or more effective treatments (and again, it can be negotiated).

We reform the military into only four main groupings (Fleet -- all main waterborne, and airborne, offensive and defensive assets; Mobile Infantry -- all main ground combat assets, including close air support, and immediate mobile placement assets; Command and Control -- self explanatory, as well as Federation Rapid Response -- a combining of the existing MAC operations, Army Corp of Engineers, FEMA, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Environmental Protection agency)

We make mandatory national service, of no less than 6 years, by everyone, starting at eighteen, and up to, say, thirty years of age (which will also be negotiable), become law. Service that would then provide a combined 3 years of Junior College, and generalized Trade School education, if that education was lacking; something that could hopefully be done in expanded, already existing, state facilities, with the training personnel being a mix of both state labor, and New Federation provided service personnel. This service would then be utilized across the full spectrum of what the revised military would be responsible for; a big part of which, of course, would be doing everything we can to plant more carbon fixers (hopefully with short grow spans), protect more ice flows at the poles, respond to natural disasters, develop, and  maintain, better, unified critical systems transportation, everywhere it is needed, as well as provide coordination, and development research, to make the production, and delivery, of hydrogen fuel, universally available.

Everybody who is already, or is then made, unemployed, and no longer eligible, for national service, would be paid the basic living wage to attend a, to be determined, comprehensive skills review, and needs requirements, education; emphasizing (hopefully) not only possible remedial work, but also providing for the possibility of growth in both hands on skills (as in the sense of tradesmen), as well as, more technical process skills, and general people management skills.

And in that, of course, the community itself will have to play the major role in determining what those, "to be determined" things are; but doing so with the confidence that the transition government would be making it a priority to marshal not only material aid, but the research, and planning aid, to help each region, and each city state, be able to plan for their individual needs, but also with an eye on how they can best mesh with the entities around it.

The point here is that we will need to strive for as many, more generally capable people as we can create, as well as as much efficiency as we can muster, so we can weather lean times that might likely be coming, and still have life be bearable as I have described it.

We must do this, however, understanding that, however much we strive for self sufficiency, we are unlikely to achieve it in full, with all city states. This means we have to accept the inherent advantage of reinvigorating (and redefining), already extensive city state, and regional, cooperation; using as imaginative a blend of ways as we can possibly think of, to share labor, materials, and knowledge, so that regional variations in ability, and resource, can be utilized as a leveraged means to "scratch each other's backs," so to speak, in new and even more helpful ways. That way we can keep critical abilities, and infrastructure, doing what they've always been doing, but with a lot more possibility of doing it a whole lot more for the general good than it has ever been done before.

None of this is an impossibility, in and of itself, but just a great deal of change, in a very short amount of time, and change of this magnitude is never easy. But there is simply nothing for it. We must take this on, and do so with the sure knowledge that it must be do or die, because I'll be damned if I can see how else we could go about doing what needs doing, and still have any hope that it could be enough to make a difference in the short few decades we have left to act; intimidating amount of change or not.

This is what is essentially your call now. Whether to take this on or not. Whether to demand that current institutions and parties acknowledge this as the most probable way to start leading the rest of the world in helping us do everything that can be done to keep more carbon from going into our atmosphere; get more carbon out; and protect every part of our polar ice cap we can; and then perhaps branching out to shade cities, as well as whole swaths of arable land at, or near the equator; doing it so it can not only work the carbon problem more, but because it will help other people find their own best bearable balance of the practical, and the meaningful. So that their hands are just as energetically, and imaginatively engaged in finding, and working solutions as ours are.

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[Post Note: Since having generally more capable people would be every community's goal, we would be in a much better position to do what this next link makes quite clear we should do. J.V.]

Yes, worldwide education rates have gone up, but we still have a very long way to go.

[Post Note: Developments like this one could go a long way towards making individual city states nearly self sufficient in food production, without taking huge swaths of land. J.V.]

Soon enough, burgers will grow not just in fields, but in vats. If the sound of that bothers you, know that you're not alone.

The Problem With Some Charismatic Expressives Is That Their Words Are Just An Integral Part Of The Total Facade

And the facade is just an ongoing adaptation of their need for personal gratification in whatever moment they find themselves in, and what is shiny in that moment, and has grabbed their attention. Such a person has no real internal logic other than "oh, that's a shiny thing I want now."

We have to understand that, first, a part of the real problem here is precisely how well this can play into a system that has become geared to one individual, or another, wanting to bend things to their personal gain; because that system has made these people internalize the notion that the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. And this now, for a host of "there are betters in the world who are meant to rule over the masses," reasons. That, you see, is exactly why we have a House of Representatives whose majority party has absolutely abdicated its responsibility to the constitution they swore an oath to. And a Speaker of the House who knows no shame whatsoever in his maneuvering to place himself to be one of those "betters."

And the second part is just how much the effect of Electrified Facade has made the notion of "Representational Government" just as much an absurdity as Electrified Experience Retrieval has made of human skill as a viable, competitive commodity. Both of which realizations that should make it abundantly clear that the way we are operating, on so many fundamental levels, is just not what the new operating environment requires anymore. And so a fundamentally new way to operate, within that new operating environment, must be found, and implemented.

And now that the new United Nations report on climate change has been leaked, and we can see the clear threat to the survival of the human race, as well as all biological life on this planet, so too must we realize that we have to take responsibility for running our affairs into our own hands if we ever hope to have a chance to make it through this preeminent existential threat. It's a choice we're not going to have the ability to make for very much longer, though, because our options are starting to narrow at an accelerating rate.

Make up your minds now. All of you. Time is literally running out.

Donald Trump's Language Is Reshaping American Politics

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

If Ever There Was An All Hands On Deck Moment For The Entire Human Race, This Is It

We must accept that we have to change as a nation. We must do this because we must mobilize both for our change, and to tackle this great challenge. It is the only way we will be able to lead the rest of the world in what must be done. And in this, I believe, we either lead or we get left behind.

Leaked U.N. climate report sees ‘very high risk’ the planet will warm beyond key limit

And Has Anything Truly Substantial Been Obtained From This Blood Spilled?

For either side? For their casualties as well as ours? And anything other than the perceptions of who "controls" which areas, even considering how relative a term "control" is in the first place?

Are there significantly less drugs coming out this region, as well as others? Are there significantly less numbers of people less horrified by the the acts of the other to become less easily radicalized; one way or the other? And therefore more easily manipulated by outside interests? Because, certainly, one person's burden is another person's potential gain; if for no other reason than it serves to weaken one side just a little bit more; not to mention the money to be gained from the drugs, or the weapons, or for what might potentially be found under the ground there.

Changing governments, or social/economic operating systems isn't going to change the hatreds, and suspicions, that have built up in these various troubled regions any time soon; any more than such change can alter the various histories of all who came wading through, in times past, with their own visions of control, and what might be controlled.

One thing it might do, though, if it were the right kind of change, is provide a completely new dynamic as to what one might seek to not only start out with, as to what one wanted to achieve, but also as to what one was willing to not make demand of in return. This most especially so when cooperation may well become the linchpin for whether we will be able to save the planet, or not.

Just more to think about now that survival for all of us is on the line now.

More than 10,000 Afghan civilians killed or wounded in 2017, U.N. says