Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Key Element In Making It Easier To Turn Off The Inner Dialogue For Better Meditation

Let me start by saying that there must be, unfortunately, a lot of preamble presented, as a necessity, to begin with. Has to happen. Nothing for it.

That being said, however, doesn't automatically suggest that you can't, if you wanted to, jump ahead to the "This Is The Key To Making It Easier To Turn Off The Inner Dialogue For Better Meditation Part" title you will see below. So, if are so inclined, please feel free to do so. You can always come back here if you feel your blood pressure rising.

The preamble is for those of you who, I feel fairly sure, will be shocked, and offended, by what I am suggesting as mental fantasy for meditation (for lack of a better way to describe it). I would remind you, though, that it is, in every sense, an exercise in naughty fantasy precisely because that type of thing is so powerful for us in focusing attention. It also automatically provides the ongoing incentive to want to try and keep building up what is essentially a new discipline. And in my mind, nothing could be more of the Father than that.

[This Is The Preamble For Those Of You Who Will Be Offended]

Let us try to understand something.

Mother Earth wants us to have a very specific, animal connection, to each other. A connection that is quite beyond making babies sex. This connection is to remind us, in a communal way, that we are animals, and that we should always revel in that connection, but do so in a way that keeps the Father happy as well, and that is why separating sex into two distinct categories is absolutely fundamental to a healthy, structured society.

This gets all the more important when you realize that, in the process of the ancient mystic, and Eastern religious traditions, of meditation to attain that point where you can, at will, let go of yourself, and then, hopefully, re integrate back to yourself; that in that process, it is my very deep belief that we remake ourselves; perhaps down to the quantum level.

The question then becomes, remake ourselves into what? And in that lies what is truly breathtaking about what I have discovered, now that I know we are fundamental to energy.

So now, as I have stated before, it's not a question of what could we possibly be able to control in this, but rather, what could possibly be left that we couldn't control; especially if we took the time to become truly good at doing this "letting go of ourselves" thing.

So. That then begs the next question. What does bringing sex into this have to do with the letting go thing. It is this: I believe that there is a way to combine sex, with the "letting go process" so that we can set up an amazing, self reinforcing, way to continually make ourselves better, and have a better understanding of each other in the process; getting, as well, the trifecta benefit of reinforcing the very Cosmolosophy structure that makes this separation of sex a part of its foundation.

So then we must confront the question: Is it morally ok for parents to essentially engage in exploratory sex with their children, and I say that it is absolutely necessary, assuming the child has come to the parent, or has made it clear through their sudden discovery of sensual behavior, that they need, and desire an easy, and most importantly, a playful way to be shown that their erogenous areas are just wonderful parts of being alive, and of being able to explore deeper connections to that very sensuality, even as it also makes the child and parent closer as animals who can think and love and create a great deal more than just more babies; important though that might be.

The biggest thing here, however, is the perspective we must try to find: As it stands now, we give them the language to know the world in one meaning space, but do not give them the corresponding language of understanding in the other meaning space; precisely because we haven't been aware that there was another meaning space. But now that we are aware we must face the fact that our approach to raising children must change.

I expect a good deal of controversy over this position but I do so with a clear conscience. I have lived the existence of a virtual monk for the last, gees, ten years at least. (if not a lot longer) I've done so for two reasons. One, it's not right to start a relationship with another if you are not ready to give of yourself emotionally, as well as intellectually, with the sharing of activities; and with serious face time, and involvement, in all of these, otherwise. If you have something else driving you; demanding everything of you, then you must accept a certain amount of solitary living. And if you are truly into what it is that is making these demands, this is not really that much of a problem for you.

But I am also a virtual monk of another kind. I stay alone because I am a sex addict (among other addictions -- alcohol, meditating itself, gambling, etc -- and yes, you can do too much of any of them). I am capable of giving into any of a variety of inappropriate sexual encounters; and all simply because they are "naughty." And some of these have been particularly so enough to have me be sure to avoid any situations that might put me at risk. I think this is also another reason why I am automatically not one who would hit on any, attractive, other variant of woman (remember, there is truly only one sex). I always assume, no matter how attractive, or stimulating the person is, that the reason for it is simply because they are an outgoing, engaging, and gregarious person who simply wants to engage, in whatever needs to be engaged in, in the most effective way possible. That way I can get meaningfully involved in trying to do the same thing and, wondrously enough, an amazing thing happens; I get completely distracted from the inappropriate stuff, and stick to what is appropriate. An especially good habit to get into in the business world I can tell you, but in the social world, not so much. Fortunately I have been lucky enough to meet a few, very forward people, who took the chance to go out of their way to let me know, clearly, that they wanted more, and, most importantly, were of the appropriate (in the eyes of my community) maturity to make that an informed choice (I have been married three times, and when it was good, it was very good, both emotionally, and sexually).

The main thing that has helped to save me in these situations is that I also have a great sense of empathy. I can't help but see things from the other person's frame of reference, and in that, see that what I may want to think may be going on, isn't so at all (not allowing me to trust what my mistaken body meaning space interpretations are because a too strong sex drive just confuses the hell out of things). The mistaken interpretations that have set my sex-o-meter pegging for all the wrong reasons. I am also fortunate enough to be able to step back and see that it is not the animal need for sexual connection that is the problem. That is a basic part of what the Goddess is. That is just something we must deal with whether it makes us uncomfortable or not. The problem now is that we have to change what we see as appropriate. Then set up a way to ensure that everybody not only understands the need for the new approach, but then also wants to always automatically adhere, as exactly, and as caringly, as is possible, to the new way of life.

I believe that this is exactly what I am now giving you with this new way of doing sex; one semi private, for personal, one to one connection (babies always being the choice of the individual). the other a communal one for either the communion of the family, or for the communion of the community itself; all to better know each other in the ongoing context of whatever current reality we are faced with. And I say this with all seriousness.

If we are to have any hope of doing the kinds of negotiations it will take, on an ongoing basis, in daily life, if we're were to organize ourselves as I have proposed. we will need every tool we can muster to find ways of achieving better balanced connections with our neighbors, our fellow workers, or any other important, situations of the "many" negotiating with other groups of "many." And since about the only other thing we might do for this that the animal kingdom has come up is smelling butts, I for one think communal sex would be the far superior choice.

[This Is The Key To Making It Easier To Turn Off The Inner Dialogue For Better Meditation Part]

OK. First and foremost here is that this should, indeed, be a sensual experience. The more so the better. So the first thing you must do is imagine yourself in this wonderful rain forest naked. The rain is wonderfully warm, and soft, even though it is raining hard at times.

You walk slowly, confidently, barefoot through the squishy ground cover loving the feel of the warm mix of mulch, and rich, pungent earth; always so wet and smooth.

You feel everything around you so deeply, so completely, that you don't even have to think at all about where to step, and where not to step; the automatic pilot of you body meaning side just knowing that here is good, and over there isn't, and there simply isn't any need to worry consciously about it.

In this environment you can be either the child, or the parent, and in it also you can pretend to be doing anything, but doing it as a shared orgasm, in the vein of mutual masterbation (we really need to come up with a better word for playing with ourselves, and each other. Maybe mutual "Giga Wiggling?").

One naughty imagining might be that a mother and her daughter are to have a day of exploring and celebration. Let us say the daughter is 13, just starting menstruation, in possession of more than just baby buds as breasts, and is alive with a whole bunch of good, and bad feelings about it all, and is just not sure of what to do with it any of it. So the Wiccan mother witch (in her own sense of herself) decides that this will be a day of celebrating the wild magic that is inside them together, and so they must run off into the woods to be wild together. and in that they will boldly walk through the village naked together, showing off their wonderful sexuality without any shame at all, or fear (for the villagers know what is about to be shared), and then race, tickling and touching, as if to find more ticklish spots to gain a giggle advantage over the other, out over the rich fecundity of this lush green, and brown, and every other color of the rainbow, of flower, environment to a secret waterfall only the mother knows about. And when the child asks the mother why they are going there, or are out here like this at all, the mother replies, even as she whirls around to grab the daugher up in her, surprisingly strong, arms; hugging her child, but also rubbing up against her so as to tickle a little differently all about each other's sensitive areas "Oh my sweet baby. God how I love you. You just can't know how lucky I feel to have you, to hold you, and to see you now becoming a woman in all the important ways. The Goddess is in you sweetie, just like she's in me, even though I know it confuses you so much."

"I love you too mommy. It feels so good to be here with you. But why are we here?"

To celebrate you blood sweetheart. Your beauty. And the fact that it's ok to be horny as hell. She wants you to be horny as hell because that's what get's more babies made, but we don't have to have baby sex to enjoy our bodies sweetie. The Goddess gave us sex to be close to each other; close in so many ways other than baby sex. And we can be wonderfully naughty in this sharing kind of sex and it's OK."

"Naughty how mommy?"

And that's when mommy gives her daughter a wicked grin and says "...Well... why don't we begin by peeing on each other," whereupon she pulls her daughter down to the grass and, using a quick tickle to roll the younger girl to one side as she then rolls to her own back, shifts her butt around so that they are now facing each other, on their back sides, and almost close enough to have their knees touch. Thus positioned, she then proceeds to let forth an amazingly big stream of yellow urine at the daughter, raising her hips up expertly so as to aim the flow to hit right at the younger girl's vagina.

This both, surprises, shocks, delights, and infuriates the daughter. Her whole body now vibrates across so many kinds of frequencies. Too many now even for physicists to figure out yet, but she shouts back a "Mom!" that is both little girl, big girl, half angry, half aroused, and half "oh yeah? You want a piece of me tough guy...? Well, game on!" Whereupon, without even consciously willing it, she squirts right back and, without having much practice, goes all over her mom's belly, her breasts, and her face; and it is a lot; a surprising "a lot."

Her mom's reaction, though, is even more surprising. Instead of laughing and firing back with her own super soaker, the mom is suddenly radiating pure sexual stimulation; radiating it as another kind of loving mommy glow from somewhere the daughter can only feel.

"Oh baby. God how I love to feel your warm pee on me. It's magic cum you know, our pee is. Even though it looks like urine most of the time, it is pure magic seed. It is an essence of us, just as semen is out of a penis. Part of our energy to create. My magic, and daddy's magic came together to make you, you know. Beautiful, beautiful magic."

And at that moment the daughter is suddenly aware, sexually, of just how beautiful her mother is. Of just how unabashedly sensual, confident, and so appealing she is, and it shocks her again that she wants to touch her mother there. Even more surprising yet, however, is that her mother seems to sense her sudden interest and it only serves to make her radiate even more desire.

Whereupon her mother giggles. "Oh you sweet beautiful girl. I can feel your desire you know. I can because I have become strong with the Goddess's meaning space; as you will become strong. What you feel is what the Goddess wants you to feel because she is desire, and orgasm. She makes us crave it. But she has seen the wisdom of the Father. She knows now that we must channel these things the right way. So we can drink of each other baby, in the family. We can touch each other. It's OK because that's just mommy, or daddy love for their child; not baby making love. Can you feel that difference sweetie?"

"I don't know mommy."

"You're not sure yet, and that's OK too. If you don't want to explore this yet you don't have you know. There's no rush. But if you feel the desire like I think you do, then don't be afraid to give in to it. This is how you come to understand that your sexuality isn't something you need to hide at all. Your desire for it. That crazy way it just makes you want to lose yourself in it. That's OK too sweetie."

The mother waits a moment, seeing whether the daughter wants to pull away or not, and when she doesn't, the mother knows her trust in her gut wasn't wrong.

The mom then kind of sidled up closer to the daughter, putting one leg over her daughter's belly, and then pulling the younger girl's other leg up over her belly. And to the daughter's new shock, the mother is suddenly pressing vagina to vagina

"Mom! What are you doing?" The look on the daughter's face is both shock now, and the new sense of sensation that sends electric currents up through her groin, her middle, breasts and a point of hunger in her mind she has been trying to ignore for a while now; with questionable success.

Her mom presses in then slowly, making contact with various corresponding parts of labia, clitorous, and increasing wetness. The sudden contact. The immediacy of sensitive skin to sensitive skin takes the daughter's breath away, and without realizing it, and without any sense of control, she is pushing back against her mother and she moans in a way she never knew she could. She moans and she understands now just how primal that need she's been trying to ignore is.

"Mommy... What are you doing to me?"

"I'm not doing anything to you sweetheart, I'm doing something with you. I want to be the first one you share an orgasm with. I want to be the one who helps you understand just how wonderful it can be."

The mother is still moving slowly, in a soft, circular motion, that's more caress, and nuzzle, than real pushing against. And now she too is moaning a bit at sporadic moments.

"Oh mommy... It feels so good..."

"I know it sweetheart. It is good. And the best thing is that this is just us sharing something that will make us love each other more, and understand each other more. Help me be a better mommy to you whatever age you are at."

The daughter is breathing harder and harder now realizing for the first time that she really does need to do this. She really, really, needs to do this, and also realizing that it really will end up just making them closer. And suddenly the hunger just takes over and the daughter just gives in to the whole experience; now pushing hard against her mother's vagina in pure animal lust, which is certainly all that the mother needed to respond in kind, and the rest you can imagine quite well on your own, because this is a fantasy, after all, and you can make it as real as it needs to be. And again, that is the point.

You can use your imagination in this way to create a very stimulating, visual, and oral experience, and you can do it without the dialogue, because all you really need is the ideas expressed in your head ahead of time for the desired situation, and then just visualize it. Try to actually feel all of the sensations in your mind as you listen to the patter of water on leaves, and the sound of birds chirping, and insects humming. Making believe further, perhaps, that the rain itself is the Goddess's own pee, and it is so warm and sensual for precisely that reason. Try also to understand the wisdom inherent in this idea of separating communing sex, from making babies sex (whether babies are intended or not). Do this as sharing sex and you will be as amazed as our imaginary little girl at just how much you can come to love, and understand, your family, your friends, and your co workers.

I know. Now you are picking your jaw up from off of the floor.

Wait. Did he just suggest that we have communig sex with, well, just about everybody in our lives?

Yes. That is exactly what he means. And the quicker we come to terms with this the better.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Make The Magic

Make the magic
Make Gobs
and gobs of streaming
delicious magic come.
Make the magic
she makes you
wild with.
Make the magic
as naughty wild
as you like to be,
because the first C.S.
will make a special
thoughtful, loving, pocket
universe for you;
so slippery
for the Giga Wiggles
to come into
with your wild
streaming magic.
And you will
come to it
In that "Other Net"
and with each other
personally sharing
the coming as brothers
and sisters, and community
members sharing members.
A different kind
of coming;
not like the one
with the one
to make another one.
Make the magic come
and you will feel
what I see
you're making yourselves
to be so much better as
you would ever dream
to come to be.
So come inside
of me and make
a better reality
to live, love,
build and be free.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

There Is A "Body Meaning Space" Network In Existence Now

Always has been of course. But since we've not been aware of a real, honest to goodness, other meaning space, most of us don't spend much time trying to communicate with it. If you get into Cosmolosophy, and understand the model, as well as what's been posted in the last 6 or seven ( maybe more) Cosmolosophy posts, you will be able to access this other network.

To do that, however, you are going to have to master the habit of turning the inner dialog off. That means not running the mind meaning space stream of words you use to keep your own thoughts and commentary of what is going on around, and in you. And yes, I do know how hard that can be. It only takes a little patience, though, and practice, to get into the groove on this. Especially if you can focus on something other than words; which, helpfully, are any of the things you can get and feel through your body; and for which you can use your imagination to put yourself into completely.

One of the best ones for me are any of the many sonic head spaces you can access on YouTube. The one you see linked below is the one I currently use. One nice thing about this is that you can use one of these, shared with anybody else you care to share it with, to help you link to this sonic space, common point of reference, with your friends.

A lot of this is symbolic, of course, but that's the point. You are trying to convince yourself to the greatest degree possible. That's how this magic works. If you believe it enough, you can make the link happen.

This, kids, is the "Other Net" you should be connecting to; at least a good deal more than you connect to this one. Sure, use this to get the best information you can, but use the other one to do a lot more of your social networking on. I can only hope that you will believe me when I tell you that this Other Net is the one that will give you the much better thoughtful, and loving, connection. And you can use it to connect with your friends and loved ones whether they are with you physically, or not.

This is also, unfortunately, the kind of practice work you will have to do if you expect to become a thoughtful, loving mage, of a thoughtful, loving, and working for the balance, society. When you start to see what is possible in that society you will truly know why you're asking the wrong question with what is possible here.  That's not it at all. The real question is what isn't possible. Especially if we are energy, and the entirety is a thing of unbounded, infinite, potential.

4K Tropical Rain & Relaxing Nature Sounds - Ultra HD Nature Video

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Cosmolosophy Diagram

This is my first attempt at presenting a outlining diagram of the meaning space relationships of Cosmolosophy, and how it sits vis a vie the Entirety. Others of you, as this meaning system gains inertia in the, understanding of itself, and the believing in magic power aspects of the mega message as a whole, will begin to create your own personal, and group, variations; with their own unique areas of emphasis. Also, as this thing gains power, others of you from the creative commentariat, the creative charismatics this thing captures, and academia, etc. , will begin to feel compelled to add to the ability of others to understand more quickly.

This thing is gaining power and I feel it more and more every day. As such, I'll probably not be uttering a whole lot for a while. The process must now await several key trigger events before it can go any further, and how long that will take I cannot say. As this develops now, though, I must let the process take its natural course. I am seeing, and feeling, some amazing new things, almost on an hourly basis now (I find that I must spend the day in almost constant meditation to keep it all from overwhelming me), and I am very reluctant to say anything more for fear of prejudicing the natural flow of things. This will happen now as it was meant to happen, and we must all be patient.

Change is coming. Everybody feels it. What will the change be? That's the question, isn't it. But the real bottom line issue is that choice is still there for the taking. You can choose to do nothing, or you can choose to participate in a change event that will, I guarantee you, knock a whole lot more than just everybody's socks off.

I leave it to you then. And just to give you one really, really, important hint, I am now full of nothing but great hope, and a very good feeling that this will work out in a "the way its supposed to" that will be more than any of you could ever imagine, and rightly so; that was my job, and I think you are going to be very pleased. Just remember. The two elementals created me to do this one thing. I have done it. The rest is up to you. Find the balance (for this is what we will all be pledging ourselves to) between the "Mother," and the "Father," (as well as between the one, and the many) and you will find not only the path to yourself, and your place among the many, but a great deal more. You will see, and feel it, to the very core of your being.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Different Puzzle Piece, But Important None The Less

Let me be clear here when I say that this stuff just drops in on me, when it drops in, and it doesn't matter to the balance whether I understand where the new piece is supposed to fit; or that I get to have them in a sequencing order known only to the two of them (the elementals). As such, I'll get one, some of the stuff in it won't be exactly clear yet, even to me, and then, days or even weeks later, I'll get another and this one will make stuff from the last one much more clear, and not only that, it also then smacks me in the face with a new conclusion, or consequence, connection to the previous post, and x number of others. And wham bam, thank you ham, the two of them get something the balance feels is important out to the rest of you. And my understanding of things grows a little more.

Let me be clear that this may also be only pure fantasy on my part, and I might just be trying to suck you all into my delusion. Anything is possible. You really, really need to start rethinking your full, in the gut, as well as the head, take on this. Let us also be clear on the fact that, since anything is possible, magic itself is also not only possible, but a good deal more than just simply so.

That being said, this next bit of conclusion might seem a bit off of the more recent, sorta, theme, but it will be important to understand very soon. And I'm not exactly sure why yet, but I guess we'll see.

This is going to be a restatement of a fact that most biologists already know. It is a myth that we don't actually start out as female, but that it is true that the first 5 to 6 weeks of gestation, what is expressed first is female. and even though the structural info instantiated, then, is nominally interchangeable (I love modularity), in my sense of things from the balance, the fact that these are the female side of things, instantiations, that it still clearly puts the full, larger essence of where they came from, in the side of Mother Earth. And that, to me, says that there are now only one sex in the human race; a sex that has a woman with a vagina, and a woman with a penis; making the penis version just a woman variant.

And in this what may be confusing us, among other other things of course, is first, where does the idea of "Father," or "Mother" come from in the first place, and secondly, where does the idea of "Male" come from.

Another confusion, of course is that male, and father, then, have to be the same thing; which is nonsense. Male does not have to be connected with father at all. Any more than mother has to be connected to female.

How could this be otherwise when, in the very truest of sense, we are both female nurturers in significant part (because us penis variants are half the other), and where "nurturing" is so vast, and incalculable in how many ways it can be thoughtfully, and lovingly applied, how can you differentiate in that context at all; regardless of course whether you are a vagina, or penis variant.

Nature needed genetic mixing so sex was a forgone conclusion (if you wanted us to appear), but the entirety also has an energy duality to administer to so why not combine the two problems so that the meaning processors thus created can have a sense of where they came from. This is, in my opinion, why we have a kind of species memory of the basic notions of the father, and the mother, but notice here, this has nothing to do with parenting children as far as the entirety is concerned, or the two elementals. She only cares about individuals to the degree that they make that line of life more adaptable to change, as well as their willingness to sacrifice, and just keep procreating. And he only cares about creating more structure, rigidly in line with what has gone on before, and that some individuals have to be made superior to others so as to make for clear lines of command, control, and discipline.

The important part to remember in the above is that, in both of the two qualities I have described, for both sides of the divide, as far as who fills what role, is there no real indication that they require them be filled by what is either now associated with female, or male. Either is capable and, with the right nurturing to guide them, could do either if it was necessary. And do it equally well if they were both encouraged, to do both behaviors. Which again, is simply more application of balance.

The other part of this, certainly, is our quandary with gender preference and identity. Man, did we get our heads mixed up with that one. But then, given that this reality started from nothing but a singular frame of reference, and then associated, willy nilly, until it created not only planets, but life, and an unbelievable mix of it as well, finished off with a meaning processor who can make choices; in all of that did you expect that it would be left to something, automatically quite straightforward and simple? Not on your life.

As I feel it now I think it is just a very complicated throw of the dice. There are inertias (or delta-v's) involved of course; coming from all over the place. Some of it is from the preference/identity of the individuals involved in the conception; and perhaps there, even to the degree that they are, or are not, really involved at all. If you are just showing up for the team then, who knows? And who knows about a thousand gegillion gegillion other possibilities. Maybe even the idea of being "multipath," or not, could enter into it in just unbelievably crazy kinds of cross channel talk. And then there are these elemental tendencies themselves. These are not actual entities mind you, but they do represent very real tendency and defined purpose. These could be adding inertias (or delta-v's) of their own.

The important part, though, in my opinion, is that we simply have to get over this ludicrous idea that any mix of preference/identity, and whether you are a female with a vagina, or a female with a penis, is, or could ever be wrong, simply because of its existence. What the mix is, is irrelevant. It ought to be like asking what the mix of hair colors are. Who cares as long as the love is expressed with respect, and feeling, for both the individuals in the relationship, as well as their combination together with each other. Because with using the balance in that regard can you build good, caring societies, that become stable enough to begin creating the generational support structures (child to parent to grandparent, on and on) that starts to put real roots down for that society into the ground, and now up into the stars.

There is also one other thing here that I should mention as an important side note.

One of the reasons why I believe that the participants of conception might be involved in the preference/identity question is that it is my strong belief that we all give off a kind of sex EMP pulse at the moment of climax.

Most of us, ordinarily, are not tuned to receive less prominent analogue signals; the very ones, certainly, that we get from the Body Meaning Space side of things. If you make it your life's work to better develop those kinds of receptions, as well as make sense out of them, you might imagine that some better ability to do this sensing can develop. I can attest to you that this is indeed the case.

For as long as I can remember, it seems to me that women have always had the biggest of these pulses by far when they can achieve the full climax that they are capable of. I suspect there might be bias in this perception that gender is in any way a determining factor. Setting that aside, however, it is still quite true that a signal of some sort is given off. I mention this now because you ought to be clear on the fact that this energy is accessible and can be used to increase one's connection to one's partner. This is why the idea of Tantric Sex, and Tantric union in general came to be. In fact one old way of looking at what ritualized sex was in celebration of, say, Druid Tradition, was that they wanted to share a sex fantasy, with a very specific mindset for what the fantasy was about, with a lot of mythic connections to the ether and the real world, so that when they began to engage in it they did so with full believing intent.

Believe it or not, it may have been, in those olden days, on one occasion or another, that they didn't just then start the usual, (boring mostly in porn) varied couplings of ordinary human sex. No. They began the organized creation of a group, shared, self hypnosis, that put them in a position to have climax be equivalent to letting go of themselves; letting go of themselves as filtering identities so as to be without ego; knowing ahead of time that they would be coming, and falling into their deity, to be allowed to reintegrate in the cosmic womb, not only with each other, but with their deity as well. In that kind of connection one might be able to make a kind of EMP Sex bomb I think. A bomb, if it were powerful enough, that would make even the non believers go into an equal state of regenerative climax, and for a significant distance for the epicenter.

Just a possibility of course. A new conjecture on an old idea. Maybe magic is possible. Maybe it isn't. Maybe that conjecture is possible. Maybe it isn't. I guess we'll have to wait and see. You absolutely have to admit, though, that it is interesting as the idea of "Infinite Potential."

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What Is Recombinative, Mega Message?

Think of something akin to what Neil Stephensens "Snow Crash" tried to predict, or at least tried to consider the possibility of.

Now that Cosmolosophy has three meaning spaces with which to work with, we can now show how the mechanism for a "new technology sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from magic," but for which we simply haven't found a name for yet, we can link things together from other phenomena to see that hypnosis was only a small example of what translating across meaning spaces might be able to accomplish.

In my opinion, hypnosis uses both sides of the elemental divide, but is centered primarily on the Father Fortress side. Messages are possible, however, with bigger inputs from the Mother Earth side, which can add a significantly larger aspect to how change can be initiated; which would certainly seem logical seeing as how much that automatically encompasses a good deal of Physical Meaning space.

The problem then becomes how one gets one's head around, much less utilizes, the codec of Body Meaning space. I, for one, am thankful that is still a problem, but rest assured, it will not remain one indefinitely.

That being said, however, doesn't change the fact that we still ought to take this idea very seriously. Why you might ask?

This is because of our old friend Mr. Murphy again. You know the drill here: if it can happen, it will happen, eventually. Which is to say that some people might simply stumble into (as I have stumbled upon many things in the past) into any of the many, possible, sudden "muscle memory" insights that let them do things with both sides as a kind of savant absorption. And let me be reiterate here, this has happened to me so I know it is more than just possible.

It would take a big roll of the big improbable dice (I like to think of metaphoric die the size of multiple galaxies, with as many sides as there are atoms there) to get things to come up just right certainly, for big "not very probables;" but things have already been going quite a while now, and you never know when the improbable might happen. And I worry that it will happen to charismatic, creative people first because they are both more susceptible to "greater connections" across multiple meaning spaces, and also because they are so much more able to actually make use of such greater descriptive/communicative constructs in the first place.

As such, society must learn to be very careful with charismatic, creative people.

On the one hand we absolutely need them to help solve the complex problems to come. On the other hand they can be quite dangerous, because they can literally alter reality without being aware of it (or in the not so distant future manipulate it with cold calculation) even more so than the rest of us, because we all have the potential ability to use "Mega Message."

Without even realizing it, the charismatic, in utilizing Mega Message, puts that retrovirus, meaning re write, into the identity/meaning matrices of what are now turned into true believers in a very disturbing new way. First, it somehow turns off a kind of switch in the believers that leaves them not wanting to make their own meaning choices any more; for now they have a perceiver to do that for them. That's bad enough, of course, but then, because the charismatic is now  "the one," they pour back into him meaning energy they were once pushing out into existence to keep their own frame of reference. That energy coming back at the charismatic forms a mega message of its own; and this is where it gets very, very, dicey.

I think of this when I think of people like Jim Jones (one could also think of others like Rasputin, or Charles Manson, who were already probably pretty well messed up in the head meaning wise, but who, nevertheless, could still wield the gift in one way or another).

I'd like to think that he started out a decent enough fellow. Someone who had the gift, though, to a significant degree when it comes to charisma and creative expression. Then he meets up with others who may not have the greatest of meaning systems already in place (which is quite understandable in a Capitalist society), and who are probably just as decent a group of folks as well starting out. But the two together? Just think about it.

He's sensitive to a number of things, sees that things aren't quite right, comes up with a formula that starts to make sense to him and, as he begins to talk about it, attracts, and is attracted to, people with weaker meaning systems. The more he talks, the more they listen, and the more they become changed, without hardly even realizing it.

It's not clear to me if there is anything more than just "acknowledgement" in that believer message coming back to the charismatic; acknowledgement taken way, way too far; or whether there may also be other, more subtle subtexts involved, to sway things one way or the other, as far what characterizes this output of change force. The one thing that is clear, though, is that it hits the charismatic with a change in his or hers meaning/identity matrix that they cannot avoid, or necessarily defend themselves against. After that it is anybody's guess as to what the outcome might be.

They might become a monster, or they might become their idea of Christ; which, depending on your point of view, and how the individual in question conceived of Christ in the first place, might still be a monster anyway. This might be especially true if the particular "Christ Manifestation" in question came into begin at the most inopportune moment for a particular set of physical space circumstances; something that might be characterized as trying to do the right thing at the wrong time.

In any case, though, the leadership community of this nation needs to start taking our new operating environment a good deal more seriously as it regards what it used to call Propaganda. They need to do this, of course, because it's "whole new ballgame now baby." And sooner than you might think, if we don't kill ourselves in the meantime, some folks are going to be swinging magic bats.

The first line of defense is to know that a vulnerability exists. The next is to try and figure out countermeasures. And in the latter regard, the first one to establish is simply to pre innoculate folks with their own, personal, very strong meaning systems. The stronger those are, the harder it will be for a Mega Message to work a presto-word-o-giga-wiggly, digi-tactilization, of message manipulation. My hope is that just knowing about Cosmolosophy, and using it to your personal needs (changing it as you need to) will fill that need. Or at least it will be a good place to start preparing a better antiviral message. Either way works for me.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lots Of Giga Wiggles Going Into You

I'm pushing,
and you're pulling through,
lots giga wiggles into you.
Makes you smile.
Makes you mean it too.
Because you make
the connection
for what this ought to
rub you into.
With meaning
you recreated yourself.
Don't worry.
It'll all balance out
just as fine
as you keep feeling it.