Monday, July 16, 2018

Remembering The Parallels Between An Old War

That the Roman emperor Constantine had to contend with, between the Pagans and the, let's call them the "Divine Father, and Son" faction of what was probably becoming a majority of the growing Catholic Church of Rome; at least as it is presented by the wonderful movie "The Da Vinci Code."

A lot of what was presented in that movie as supposed expert dialogue between two, old, scholars, was controversial to say the least. Was Constantine a pagan first and a "Catholic of political convenience" second? Was what motivated the war so much related to how the "Patriarchal" view of a higher power saw the other side's idea of "balance between both the supreme Patriarch, and the essence of the feminine as the "ultimate chalise," as not only an attack on whether Christ was divine or not, but also of whether the feminine should be considered at all as a source of divinity in the first place?

What then made a big part of the movie so intriguing was the very idea that Catholicism might, in some way, be a "Fake Church." A fake church hiding what would then be an historic coverup about Christ's own, quite human, mortality; as well as the fact that the church might have been intended to be lead by a woman. Which then, of course, made it an institution capable of horrible atrocities in order to shield the faithful from what the movie suggests quite clearly as a distinct possibility.

From my point of view the notion that this would necessarily make Catholicism fake is absurd. Just as absurd as saying mainstay institutions now are "Fake" because they don't necessarily support one side, or the other's, idea of what should be the dogma of the belief system in question; a dogma unfortunately carved literally in stone of the most intransigent of substances. What it might certainly make it is conflicted, but not Fake in any way, shape or form. But such is the nature of battling for not only ground, and further resources, but for how people are to be allowed to see things.

As such, we are now in a place not so much different than what Constantine faced a great while ago. And what is especially sad here is that, whether it was just pragmatism or not, he let the Divine Patriarchal view have its sway; and whether that actually caused a virtual purge of "Free Thinking Woman" or not, as the movie suggests, we'll all have to just wonder about I guess. The fact remains that a lot of woman did die, and more importantly, that woman were made to be presented not as even possible vessels of divinity, but of satanic corruption through temptation. Something other belief systems have also made terrible choices on.

My bias being what it is, of course, I can't help but feel that this was a huge mistake made by Constantine, if this was indeed the case (even understanding that, mistake or not, it may have just been inevitable given the population mix of Rome at the time). That we could not find a way to negotiate the balance between the two, assumed elementals here, back then, however, should not dissuade us from asking ourselves if now might be a really good time to consider it again. Perhaps with a good deal more wisdom now? Especially if we consider that woman are the base class of our species (based on my contention that the species boots up, if you will, from the X chromosome, and converts to universal socketing after the ninth--if memory serves--initial period of undifferentiated, geometric expansions of cell division; which I think then triggers the Y to do its thing).

Just take a moment, sometime soon here, and watch that movie again. And then ask yourself if it has brought up questions we ought to be considering now. I think it has. What do you think?


Sunday, July 8, 2018

Let's Not Forget That We Are In The Age Now Of "The Absurdity of Growing Up"

That's as opposed to "Growing Up Absurd" as conceived by Paul Goodman, who represented a good portion of not only my development as both a potential delinquent, as it might have been thought of in the late fifties and early sixties (played out for me, though, later on, as I would catch on to him as part of my last, crazy, counterculture wave, out of the sixties, that was, in fact, my life from the end of my first marriage in approx. 1973, to about the mid eighties (and the start of the end of my second marriage), when the practicalities of existence brought the naive part in that that wave to a temporary end); but Mr Goodman would also play a part in my development as a progressive, because of the underlying criticism he had for consumerist society.

We should also remember that maybe this ought to be a massive suggestion that continuing with an organizational model so out of date that not even a Twinkie could stay useable, and filled with even more toxic things than a Twinkie has, or any other junk consumption thing you might want to mention any kind of planned addiction of for (by one sugar or another) is a really bad idea, because that's pretty much what "Business As Usual" has become. And with that, then, the follow on of a whole lot of corruption.

More things to think about as you also ponder important decisions you aren't going to be able to put off making for very much longer.

Failure to launch -- Why so many American millennials feel adulthood is a lie

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

You Are The Miracle That Can Turn Anything Around

So much time spent,
as you buy
your branding,
burning away the old
idea of identity,
foolishly thinking
time is money
going by
that you don't have,
when time is just
what you can imagine
what it needs to be
processing better ways
to be turned around
and around,
feeling the freedom
of real revolutions,
that take you up
on an ever changing
path of balance
for a thoughtful kind
of loving embrace,
and exchange.

So much love lost
foolishly thinking
it can be traded
for better kinds of more;
when all that more brings
is more problems, and the loss
of what you could have kept
without trading anything

So much wonder lost
foolishing thinking
that the miracles
you yearn for,
touching transcendance itself,
can't be found
the love never regained,
or that wonder would ever want
you back together,
with the joy of amazing finds,
that are beyond you,
or the ability of reason to measure.
Because sooner or later
we just end up
measuring the amount
of affect our probing has done
to change what we hoped
would be reasonable
to measure in there in the first place.

The top spin
of what you are in
is that you are
the miracle that matters
You are the love
and the energy to want
the embrace that has giving
go both ways,
back and forth.
And you are the wonder
to be trying to think and love and
wonder at all.
Because choices have to be made,
even when you use them,
in the chaos of your own making,

Do not worry though
they will forgive you
if you can forgive
forgiving yourself
and just keep trying
to see yourself
and those around you
for what you truly are.
A divine part of a divine
higher power or
higher purpose or
some balance of same.
And isn't that just something to wonder about
as you love the other miracles
that you let be a meaningful part
of the miraculous life
you could find
right in front of you
if you could just turn
the right kind of revolutions.

You do that and
you'll have magic too
in what finding out
what cooperating can do
in helping others
turn themselves around
with you.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Here's A Dichotomy For You

Isn't it interesting that, even though we see at least a few depictions, in popular fiction of, say, a guy like Spock coming to understand that it was sometimes logical to be un logical, it is still very hard for logical, rational people, to find any sort of useable, sense of spirit, and perhaps even worse, faith?

The problem, as I have come to see it, is that we have always been saddled with only once choice as to a path towards these, what I think are fundamentally necessary aspects of human nature. And that path inevitably involves deities and that has always been a big sticking point. I know it was for me, and still remains so. But the thing is, you don't have to have deities involved to have either spirit, or faith be a part of your life. And I can say this now in all sincerity because it is something that I have been able to achieve.

But then it might be asked: Aren't you only replacing one form of deification with another? Saying that process itself is a god? And to that I would say no.

For me, to say that process is "divine" is not to make it some form of super sentient, all knowing entity that not only designed it all, but continues to plan and implement his/her will throughout the firmament. It is, rather, to say that there is something, that is made precious by the very fact both of its essential transcendance of us, but also because we were made to be part of this thing that makes mind, and love, possible at the same time, in the first place. Because then, you have to add the fact that it must be mediated somehow by those same, self sustaining systems; the systems that can make choices; themselves examples of how structure can create ever more complex structure, if it has the right balance, and the mediators make the right choices.

Then there is simply my belief that there is inherent magic in structure because it is both meaningful things to connect to, as well as connection itself, that makes everything happen. And we are an active part of that. And our belief gives it unbelievable amounts of power. Our belief in ourselves does the same thing, and so much of it has to reside in your ability to have faith in the idea of it, because only with it, and the trust that is inherent in it, so that you can then take the intuitive leap, as well as the leap of faith, to have your reach exceed your grasp. Knowing that you have to have these because you will fail on a regular basis. And that will happen because you must often make choices on always incomplete knowledge, and your always imperfect ability to make sense of what you experience.

This is, helpfully, where cooperating with other "perceivers," and "deciders" can come in handy. Not only do you get the benefit of more eyes on the problem, and more minds to pull relevant experience from, you get a chance to leverage all actual decisions to act. You get more hands on to help naturally, but also the chance to do so in concert with, as opposed to randomly bumping into, and frustrating, as you are then frustrated, the efforts of others.

And in this we must make peace with those who choose the other path to divinity. Because there is truth to be found on that path, even if it is not a truth that makes sense to this new path of a "Higher Purpose" as opposed to "Higher Power." We must make this peace for the same reason that they must make the same peace with us. Precisely because we too have a truth to be found in our path.

Keeping humanity going will then be up to continuingly negotiating a balance between these two, many layered, opposites. I think it can be done precisely because I believe in the magic of people, and the magic of the universe. And with balance anything is truly possible. Not very likely in many cases (because inertia, in all its forms, is a formidable opponent), but still possible. It just takes a lot of faith, and love, and reason, and practicality, and sacrifice from all sides, to make it happen.

The choice is literally, and figuratively, fundamentally ours to make.

This People Crisis Is Most Certainly Is Not About Supposed "Open" Borders

What It is about is just as certainly a great indicator of whether we approach desperate people with open hearts or not though. And this is especially so when you consider that the desperation these people are motivated by is, in very large part, the result of our panicked reactions to other things concerning fears that we were manipulated with in the past. And boy, isn't it just the easiest of things these days to manipulate Americans fearful of something. But then that is what hate has always been about.

The bottom line here, however, is that it has been many decades of either Colonial resource rape, rabid anti Communism gone amuck, or a Drug War that excels in outdoing itself in ever more absurd, authoritarian reactionism, to a problem that has everything to do with human frailty, and mental illness, and very little to do with thinking you can just criminalize, and imprison, your way out of people doing bad behavior. And you'd think the folly of this approach would be crystal clear by now as we lead the world in incarcerations, but have no end of the drug problem in sight.

That this is also about dwindling, viable habitat also seems to escape all notice. And whether that lack of viability is an economic problem at its base, or an extreme weather situation at its base, hardly matters because the economics, and the extreme weather, both have such deeply integrated cross threads of mutually affecting process intents; which is, of course, just another way of saying that everything affects everything else. And if you think we can escape our responsibility for what has happened to these people, just because not all of us voted for one policy or another, you are sadly mistaken. And it won't matter how much you turn America into a horrible version of "Bunker-Fortress Authoritarianism, those responsibilities will still be there, inside and outside. Reminding us that our only hope of saving this planet is in getting everyone on board the helping process of fixing it. Because in that might be the possibility of not only a great spiritual reawakening, but one of great prosperity as well.

And it all starts when we realize that it is an obsolete operating system that makes us think that this has to remain a zero sum game. That keeps us locked into fighting each other over scraps, all without ever asking why that system provides working people only with scraps in the first place. While the privilaged few live high and dry, and only cry when we ask them to share the bounty.

The pernicious myth of “open borders”

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Let Us Also Try To Remember That The Dr. Malcolm Character

Was a big part of the conscience of that movie.

It was his character, after all, who expressed the appropriate shock concerning the amazing lack of humility being displayed by other scientists, playing with their new instrumentality; as if that instrumentality were just another gizmo to make a proper amount of money with because they were the first, with the cleverest new application. And then summing it all up with the, to paraphrase, standing on the shoulders of others speech, and how, just because you can do a thing, doesn't necessarily mean you should. Not if you really gave a moment to think about the possibility of a whole host of other, unintended effects, that you might be putting into play, down the road. You know. In the long view that they don't seem to know how to pay much attention to anymore.

And so the blowback on that becomes a tax of another sort that working people have to pay, for the most part. And a lot of it, though certainly not all of it, can be laid at the feet of the system that makes the dynamic create not only too many dangerous competitions in the first place, but also incentivizes people precisely towards this kind of vary narrow thinking, and self servingly, "disruptive" behavior.

An Ode to Dr. Ian Malcolm

Baseball Has Always Been A Balance Of Right And Left

Those fields that the limits
make us play between.
And if you build it,
A better place to park
newly illuminated,
ways to dream,
fielding playfully,
but still getting it
done on things to base
our running around on.
You might be surprised
on what can be done
with doing
for both the one,
and the many.
The meaning
of the play, and
the beauty of the fields
are what we all must lend
no more invisible hands
on forming, knowing
that neither the left side
of where we park
or the right
should get all they want.
The way things roll
just won't let us
play for long that way.
So what do you Say?

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