Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Metaphor Inherent in the Things We Abandon

One of the problems about a story like this, quite apart from how heart breaking it is, is that it inevitably takes attention away from the other aspects of life that we also abandon. Even as we consider the kind of cruelty it takes to forget about creatures so ready to give us unconditional love, even if we treat them badly, humans will be frozen out of our hearts as they lay strewn about streets all over the country; and well before any external cold has descended upon the land.

Even as glaciers melt, the oceans, and the animals trying to live there, become frozen out as well because it costs too much to fix what we have done to them. Billions of years of evolutionary miracles living all around us, in fact, going to our waste, our poison and our neglect and we turn away because of the cost.

And make no mistake, that cost goes well beyond the abstract counters we covet so much within our ever decreasing attention spans. The cost at the bottom line of taking full responsibility for our actions. The line at which you recognize that simply paying and forgetting just won't cut it anymore. Where you actually have to change the way you live, becoming intimately involved in the solution, making the sacrifices required to do so without complaint. Wouldn't it be something if we could return some form of that kind of unconditional love back to life in general? It's not impossible you know. Incredibly difficult, certainly, but not impossible.

Abandoned Dog Found With Paws Frozen to Ground in Prospect Park

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