Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shamelessly Self Serving Idea for a New Chelsea Handler Does Episode on Her NetFlix Gig.

It would be "Chelsea Does Philosophy." And I would graciously offer up my services, free of charge of course, as the new Web Head of Philosophy.

My only requirement would be to appear on camera only within a green skin suit so that various ridiculous digital overlays could be substituted; as, say, a talking dick head. The idea, of course, to go with the whole "I don't take myself too seriously" shtick... Whatever the reality might be.

Just imagine the hilarious hijinks that might ensue as I pretend to go down on her so she can get the low down on what's new in philosophy. It would be great. And maybe she could wear a green suit too, for a segment or two, perhaps sporting a talking vagina head. Just picturing it in my mind makes me bust out laughing.

Hopefully she has people who keep tabs of soon to be important web personas. Or at least mildly interesting, odd ball personas.

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