Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Meaning Of Everything, and How We Run With it, Or In It

I have to do another hats off to LEMMiNO for the video you see linked to here. This is simply a fantastic job of summarizing a fascinating set of related questions; starting with where simulations begin and end; at least as far as what is contained, and what is the container, is concerned. He starts the fun there and works the run of the summation to get us to first questions about what is real in the first place, and whether we are an essential aspect of it all, or not. Absolutely wonderful.

Do we, or does anything exist?

For my own part I think there has to be at least few givens, the first of which is that there must be an entirety. That must be so because where else would either question, or answer, have a state place from which to create each other from. In order for that to be a working process, however, there must be an infinite number of associative paths along which all possible objectifications can be realized, starting from relative reference points; establishing relative boundaries, so that gap can demand the connections of localized meaning. Only then, through a long process of association, where bounded meanings create further bounded meanings, can ever more complex structure evolve meaning processors to which an agency of choice can then take affect. Where that choice then determines how the whole will not be determinate at all, as each choice creates a new point of reference for a new path of association to branch from.

As far as the choice between inner experience, as opposed to outer experience, goes, the essential bottom line is that both will contain aspects that the other does not. Chossing the exclusive realm of one over the other is to cut off an essential aspect of contrast to the meaning processor, and the balance that can be obtained from that contrast. Just as the meaning processor should try to continue to maintain balance between the purely objective, or filtered, reception of relative path association, as opposed to the completely unfiltered reception of same.

This Documentary Is A Crash Course On Simulated Reality

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