Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hacking the brain to see God, or a devine process?

The video linked to here is a wonderful bit of speculative film making. Precisely because it begs some interesting questions. Was the brain evolved to see God or was it done so as to see it's own interactive relationship with a devine process? I ask that question, of course, because, in my view, the entirety is an unimaginally immense, recursive question answer engine, with each answer automatically creating the next question. Within that are the two elementals: Mind and the Elemental embrace. Mind because there has to be objectification for there to be boundaries, or the layering of abstraction in order to provide for the possibility of meaning in the first place. The Elemental Embrace because without the requirement of interaction and exchange, meaning would have nothing by which, or between which to hold meaning togeather. All of this comes together in infinite vectors of experience association (realities) so that sentience can make choices on how to continue the process of observation and appreciation. And in that does the Entirety make us just as we make it.

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