Monday, February 1, 2016

Further Thoughts on Persona, Fame, and What we Display of Ourselves

I chanced upon the YouTube "News" that another famous person had their private sex pictures leaked. In this case it was Emma Watson, but once you start looking into such "releases" you soon begin to realize what a more complicated picture one is actually confronted with. Something I have touched upon before in writing about the amazingly touching movie "The Congress."

This is where Fame, Celebrity and Commerce come together in a number of discomforting, as well as titillating, ways. Where a lot of questions ought to be asked not only of the players involved, but of ourselves, as consumers, as well.

The first thing you realize here is that most, if not virtually all, supposed celebrity "nude" photos, or videos, are manufactured fantasies. Whether by look alikes, or doctored imagery, doesn't really matter, the bottom line is that the personalities that portray our favorite characters in our favorite stories are also gold mines of suggested erotica. Hermione might be a wonderful, young woman of strength, courage and intelligence, but having her caught doing the naughty? Please...

What really gets confusing here, however, is that the motivations involved with the players, as well as our reactions to what is displayed, are probably a lot more complex than you might imagine at first glance.

First, of course, is that a lot, if not most, of these folks are necessarily young, understandably foolish to various degrees, and involved in a business that would tempt any of us at any age to do stupid things. All of that glamor, money, ego gratification, and an army of suckups who would do anything for even a small piece of the "action?" Let me just do another "Please..."

They are also, for the most part, actors. Which is certainly a venue for the exabishionist to let it all hang out if it is anything at all. It is also a craft of course in which talented performance can be elevated to an art form, but that in now way negates the fundamental foundation the skill stands on.

I mention this because, in some cases at least, they enjoy putting their passionate ability, as well as their passion outright, on display. And the fact of the matter is there is nothing at all wrong with that. And I can say that even if it is Mily passionately fucking for public display. It certainly seems like she is expressing her own feminine power of sensuality, and orgasmic involvement, and that she doesn't care what people think about that. More to the point, however, is that she is also taking charge of any material gain to be had from same. After all, it's not like she can wave a magic wand and prevent the imitations from being produced.

A lot of the contradictions here come from our schizophrenic view of publicly displayed fucking, or potential fuckability. On the one hand we certainly seem to be unable to get enough of it, but on the other we are so quick to condemn those (mostly the women) who engage in it (you can pick your own pejoratives). Sex is one of the most powerful forms of human connection there is, mixing as it does both creation, destruction, and the essence of life force; which of course also makes it one of the original addictives. And in that lies one part of the main problem here. The other being the fact that we have organized our social interactions around the abstraction of money, commodity, and mindless consumption. Which is where one's very personna is commodifiable, well beyond the originators own involvement now.

The point here is that the mere fact of enjoying a good fuck, however one goes about it (assuming consenting adults of course), is not the issue; it is whether one does this, or any other possibly addictive behavior, to the exclusion of other needed interactions and activities. And in this does our present operating system do us no good at all. Indeed, it is anathema to balance in the first place as it cannot tolerate centered, self actualized, individuals at all; understandable as such people don't take well to the dehumanized objectification of factory life, or the "hard sell" of fear based advertising (emphasizing all of the things you desperately lack, and ought to desperately need).

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