Thursday, February 4, 2016

Search Too Intently into Penetration and You May Find Yourself Thoroughly Penetrated.

With the holes in your thinking you didn't even know you had.

A guess
is as good as a Goose
in an imaginary pot
when you have so little
left to go on
save your own dark
and the abyss
it surrounds

And yet
still do you hunger
for answers
cooked up
or not

What you question
in what you assume
you stew in
is the better meal
for a mindful patience
of the slow
simmered soul
who waits for the right
to know
correct ingredients
when they find him:
a crack at the crock
of potting curiosity
to sustain itself
within a whirling
world of
stirring wonder.

When that probe
perhaps then
will you appreciate
the creative joy
of being impregnated.

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