Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We shouldn't call Worm Holes Worm Holes

I've been thinking about a recent article in Quanta Magazine. A new approach to finding a way to bridge the problem of information, Hawking Radiation and the evaporation of black holes. The idea revolves around the equating of “ER” to “EPR,” where

...Like initials carved in a tree, ER = EPR, as the new idea is known, is a shorthand that joins two ideas proposed by Einstein in 1935. One involved the paradox implied by what he called “spooky action at a distance” between quantum particles (the EPR paradox, named for its authors, Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen). The other showed how two black holes could be connected through far reaches of space through “wormholes” (ER, for Einstein-Rosen bridges). At the time that Einstein put forth these ideas — and for most of the eight decades since — they were thought to be entirely unrelated...”

The idea here, simply put, is to explain how two entangled particles, one of which is caught up in a black hole, can allow information to be passed between them across the fuzzy boundary of a gravity singularity, which then, of course, causes Hawking radiation. The suggestion has been, through “EP=EPR,” that the circuit of transmission is a worm hole.

There is certainly still healthy skepticism around this new theory but you have to admit that it is quite intriguing. I'm not even a physicist and even I can see that the implications could be quite astounding.

If this link proves to be the case then one would have to think that such transfer circuits would be quite a bit more frequent than what may have been considered before. And the implications of that ought to cause everyone to take note.

Consider first of all that the cosmos as we ordinarily think of it is a quite vast meaning transfer system. Space Time itself both shapes, and is shaped by, the transfer of meaning between already encapsulated meaning objects. From this comes the basis of mass and energy as formalized in the dance of asteroids, comets, planets, suns and galaxies. The very fabric of space time is the standard circuit by which these meanings are transferred.

But wait a moment. A new circuit comes into view. One that cuts across the normal space time relationship to transfer meaning outside of that usual relationship. If this occurs vastly more often than previously considered, what is the aggregate affect on standard space time arrangements? Are the probability distributions of this vast transfer related in any way to dark energy or dark matter?

I do think that this further begs the question of whether quantum entanglement works across both space and time; which is to ask again the question of whether time relativity as it relates to the speed of light does, or does not trump entanglement. Just because distance doesn't seem to be any barrier doesn't necessarily mean time relativity isn't also one.

Time will tell I guess. Just keep your eyes and ears open though.

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