Saturday, April 11, 2015

A life lived fully is anything but safe

Why do you fear
the ending, more
than the dull
litany of so many
folds of not
fully engaged,
the progression
telling no story
at all worth
the life worn
so shabby
for a miracle,
and out
of any good use,
across its dreary

you will
to say,
and still,
trembling, you
are not.
For there's always
a place, whether
climatic or without
event, where
even the dullest
plodding will stop.

And what reach
will your spirit
ever succeed
in grasping without
the risk at hand
and holding it
close to your heart?
To come
to know
that fear is so small
a price to work
a purchase
around which
you can live
a story worth adventuring
through whatever end.

Can there be
a growth beyond
what spans any
one lifetime?
An expansion
of spirit and
heart to take
larger aims
at the life
that greater needs
have called out
to those who make
the grander choices
possible by
what they've grown
to feel is their's,
and a chance
that is what they
live more for?

Those are
the hearts and souls
who trade
shorter journeys
for greater stories
that might
encourage others
to make that leap.
Knowing fear's embrace
will always hold
whether you jump
the folds or
the folds jump
on top of you.
Better a bold
short story
than a boring
durge without end

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