Sunday, April 5, 2015

Calling it a collider is like calling war diplomacy by other means

The following post was prompted the article linked below.

Money spent for science is a good thing. One also has to acknowledge the incredible ingenuity and creativity that the physicists and engineers have shown in creating this amazing piece of functioning hardware.

What one also has to ask, however, is whether these truly creative folks have thought through the approach they are taking to looking into how the entirety works. Have they fully appreciated what taking what amounts to an enormous sledge hammer and bashing away at what makes reality work?

It seems to me that there is both a question of not taking full consideration of what this bashing might do to the most complex system we will ever undertake to understand, as well as to question whether or not there is a moral component to using violence in this fashion.

To the first part of the above paragraph I would only suggest one give the same credence to "small inputs have large effects" here as to that which "a butterfly flapping its wings" has been used to illustrate the complexity of whether systems.

To the second part of the above paragraph I would ask: is this truly the best way for a sentient to approach what should be held in awe, wonder, and a special kind of reverence? A reverence not based on deities, but one based on our own connection to creation and the desire to keep thoughtful, loving structure going, as opposed to ultimate entropy? Ripping away at things with only cold rationality in mind hardly seems a proper way to go about discovery at all to me. 

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