Thursday, April 16, 2015

Choosing to choose better is about knowing how to ask the right questions

to choose
for the now
and the here,
loving what allows
us to to love at all.
But also
for what the now
will become.
For what
the here
connects to
in and about
and beyond
what abounds
every boundary.
The transfers
to and fro,
choosing to find
every new
link and wonder
of what
that means again
and again.
For that is
the how
and the why
we embrace
the entirety,
giving back
the love
of our connecting
and caring

It needs
the good choice,
the better realization,
from the deeper
For it grows
as we do,
and it suffers
as we suffer
ourselves upon it,
and through it
with violent disregards
that comes of choices
that render rather
than remind the thoughtful
that thinking and creating
make links that hold
meanings that keep
us together, helping
each other to ask
better questions;
so as to come
to the next here
and now with the strength
of our differences,
each and every one
of them.

Only from there
can we move
to be aware
of ever more
of what it makes
us more of,
and thus itself
to see with
grander eyes.
We are
what we choose
of it.
We become
so much
of what we ask
of ourselves
and question
to go about
the choosing.
Only from this
will our reach
exceed our grasp.

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