Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The sharp edges, and many ways to slice, in looking deeper

drawn across
grander scales
of good chords
and discords
and harm-monics,
feeling what moves
the movement
of inflate, history-onics
in the biggest
frames of
grate, flickering,
all objects quaking,
you come
to know
every version
of what can be
in the extreme.
The highest crests.
The lowest troughs.
All in
the infinite variations
of what anyone
or anywhere
ever wears, tears
or is worn
out of it all.

You tune
to these mind
too frequent-cies,
more or less,
to any
or them
that could be
and what could happen
in the master
of mix,
is a roller you
can't coaster on;
rushing to fall
and rushing to rise.
So much sublime,
as well as the slime,
of every kind
of lofty dream
or deepest scream.
This is
what it means
to bear witness
to the dream
of that bigger
picture screened
in the highest
resolve you make
of resolution.

The possibilities
are so large
and you are
so small.
Can you stay
as you are
even as you change?
Keep the balance
in the mean
of perspective,
and so to have
any hope
for focus
on a purpose.
Are there meanings
you can make
to ease the take
of those who follow
in your wake?
You must find
a faith to take
it so.

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