Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Light Of Creation Is Connection

Finding the right gap(s), between many things juxtaposed, and making the link(s); that binding of meaning that holds things together, in a new way. And immediately creating new juxtapositions for new connections yet to come.

And you, all the time losing yourself in the finding, letting go and just feeling for anything you can, having faith that you'll come back; back to whatever reintegration makes sense, no matter what you might find. Letting go, but holding on, outside of what you're pretty sure are ordinary boundaries, to both reason and its opposite; hoping they'll settle out dynamically, and compromise as they need to. And things will settle out just enough, no matter what is set into motion.

And you still think that wingsuit, parachutists, are the really crazy people. And you don't even begin to fully appreciate the irony of saying you want to make a big impact on the important issues of the day, even as you smile at the obvious humor of it.

You just better hope you can rally enough love, and hope, to watch your back, as you try to wield that singular point of making anything meaningful. Whatever its point, it can also have a very sharp edge; an edge that can cut all the ways imaginable.

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