Wednesday, March 29, 2017

If There's No Credibility Left Isn't Government Already Shut Down, at least as far as all honest Americans are concerned?

How can either party continue pretending that the greatest shroud of distrust ever to be encountered by this Nation, that now hangs over the entire government, doesn't exist?

How can a putative Speaker of the House continue to be allowed to ignore obvious tampering with the investigation process by a committee chairman in his own party?

The simple fact of the matter now is that anything this GOP controlled government tries to pass will be tainted by this same shroud of lies, corruption and treason. And until that is removed the only thing that makes any sense at all is to just extend the last continuing resolution (the one passed before the taint was known) for as long as it takes to resolve this crisis of confidence.

Write to your representatives, and call them. Demand that a independent investigatory body be created, and funded for at least eighteen months of full, and robust staffing (it's easier to return money you don't spend than to have to ask for more). And to eliminate any controversy about selecting the participants Congress should simply decide to use the 5 most senior members of each party's Senate membership, giving joint chairmanship to the two most senior of these members of each party. This would then structurally demand the ongoing cooperation of both sides to get the job done.

Every American now who cares about the sovereignty of this nation needs to write, and call, their respective members of Congress and demand that nothing else be considered in this session at least until the establishment of this independent investigative body is created.

Another Government Shutdown Crisis Seems to Be Approaching

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