Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How Many People Don't Get This Sort Of Affirmation...

...At all, let alone only occasionally; where even then it may be given grudgingly, or insincerely, or merely as the means to manipulate, with any number of other possible, not so helpful, qualifiers one could list if one chose to.

And remember, though there may be a bit of cliche in how this is presented, it is still a metaphor for something absolutely fundamental in healthy human development. Something that I would say occurs now in spite of how we are now organized, and not as an organic part of it.

What it represents is simply another way to describe both the need of, and hope for, thoughtful, loving structure.

As always. Become better informed. Ask deeper questions. Take peaceful action.

'Hi Stranger' Is A Weird, Relaxing And Life-Affirming Video You Need To Watch Right This Second

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