Saturday, January 3, 2015

They have a hard hadron for penetrating nature, not to mention size issues, and they're ready to turn themselves on yet again.

Who are the masters
of this ship
of fools making
for the course
we take
in what we do
and how we do it.
Setting canvas
stitched with anger
to catch what flows
from violence.

They mark
their canvas
as an art
to chart
more penetrating
probes of knowing.
Such instruments of power,
and engineered arrogance,
even as we struggle
to keep from drowning
in a see
to the depths of
greed and exploitation.

The monster they make
of their own darkness
cleaves away
essential limbs
in the growth
of being, making
them angrier still.
What effrontery
to challenge our mastery,
making us understand
only the fear
inherent in doubt.

We have the script
and absolute measures
to name this beast
and thus to handle
as we please.
And we will
get what we want,
and know
what we will.
Whether what we will
changes everything
in what we measure.
And what want
makes us something
we don't want to know.

They need
to be reminded:
Things can also be known
in the reverent embrace
and gentle displacement
of see,
and making
meanings to continue
holding closely,
always ready
to let go.
Where mastery
is not the point
to start from
or seek
to grasp at all.
Rather that
knowing and being
are are an infinite
dance of change
in the nature of see
and the nurture of moral seers

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