Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Point and Metaphor of Lines

What is
a line,
of itself,
or as metaphor,
to that which draws
or pushes
us to link
the little bit
of no meaning
in on or off,
as may be,
on whatever plane
or pager
that might
contrast enough
space to channel
a resolution?

How arbitrary
the point
of pointing
or not, for
there's the rub
of that which
never really touches
in the space
that duration imagines
between the potential
of nothing
or something,
and the sequence
of such improbabilities.

Does the nothing
or its demarcation
create the place
for further
potentials too,
as make the point
that points are
real on the form
of meanings
given dimensions,
in the page and the pager,
for each to make of the other.

As always though
the questioned
answer begs
the next,
as to ponder:
if we can point
out with
bounded bits
and gaps
can't all meanings
be measured?
Where Even tone
or no tone
have measures
we can page upon.

But what line
can you draw
with what ever
might point it with,
to connect
the meaning felt
beyond the bounds
of bounding
as can be made
with tones
so changed
by frequency
in type
as well as sequence.

Where's the tongue
or plain to serve
as sounding
board to speak
of bounded definitions
to hold such resonant
Or the eye
to know
their true dimensions.

Neither more
to say
of what I am
told of what
I hold when I
keep my love
By hug
or my hand
in tender mercies
of voice and deed
and the need
of same.
Again of such
resonate meanings
no line can point
about to bind
in bits of measured

So let us understand
one final bit of marking:
Meaning comes
both from the mind,
and the practical
point of measure,
but also
does it form
of the faith
that there is
more than mind
for which meaning
comes to terms
with what gives
and receives
us as spirit
and what that spirit
gives and receives
as heart.

Keep with
your practical measures
but never stop
to that harmony
that keeps
light in the embrace
of all the stuff
of stars.

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