Friday, January 16, 2015

The Most Ever Ever Land You can Imagine

That land
of never
setting down
and never
stopping the taking off,
where you're mind's
eye has a hand
in shaping
the under and over
standing for
the new possible
out of impossibility.

Never Never is
perfect in imperfection,
such a contradiction
of what impossible
hands can reach
to handle.
Ever never and
never ever
much to grasp
and yet
just so
wonderful in what
we might be
touched upon.

So ethereal
and still
we make it
up to clever
never reaches.
The stretch
being the joy
you see,
and suspension
of what you think
you believe
you cannot see.
Taking the stance
where floating
finds new bounds
to ground
upon unfounded planes
to take
and make
as we rise again.

For how else
could we assume
the idea of wings
and other light
headed notions
to feel for
a life of soaring.

Never Never is
the Cosmic Joke
for you
always always
have the possibility
of imagining
the impossible
new eyes
to see
what you couldn't
even begin
to imagine before.

all a head
and alight to
reveal the new
feel for it
because that is
what you were
imagined for.

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