Saturday, July 8, 2017

You Have To Love The Feeling, and Ideals, Expressed Here

Having said that, though, I have to admit that I would never go back to a typewriter. And trust me, I spent a lot a time on one in the years past.

For me it started out that I had to revert to typing as my cursive writing always sucked big time, and my block printing has never been all that good either. I was, in fact, told in Highschool that I would have to either learn typing, or forget about continuing with my education at all. So I took typing in highschool, and have never done cursive since, save sign my name; so much so that I can't do cursive at all anymore otherwise.

In any case, though, when you can hardly keep up with your thoughts even if you were an expert typist, and you suffer from flipping words around all of the time anyway, typos are going to be a way of life for you; and there is just nothing for it other than doing your typing via a digital editing system. You do that even as you miss the wonderful physicality of mechanical key strokes; that pounding out that is as much the percussion of drums across the land, as it is words on paper. Or at least you always hoped so.

California Typewriter Official Trailer #1 (2017) Tom Hanks, John Mayer Documentary Movie HD

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