Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Very Seafloor Complexity That All Of Us Dreamers Need To Be Careful Of

For me, of course, it is the desire to put the base of a radical new space launch system. For others it is the resource extraction that might be possible.

I'd like to think that my use would be the least invasive, but still. At some point the idea might actually not only catch on, but do so in a big way. And a lot of such facilities, no matter how careful each individual one is, creates significant new interaction possibilities, as a whole, that you have to be very open for regardless; especially when you become more aware of new flow circuits; systems you certainly don't want to be adversely affecting.

One nice thing about my launch system proposal, though, is that it gives us a fairly benign presence for research at the bottom as a side benefit. Something that could easily be mandated if this were the public works project I think it needs to be.


Far below the surface of the sea, the seabed is being scoured by rivers of sediment that can flow thousands of miles from land.

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