Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This Would Be Great News For Building A City On The Moon

And you do need to build at least the precursor to a City, as opposed to a lack of vision "outpost" (as some have recently proposed), because you have to make your intention to include every nation on Earth who wants to participate a matter of inherent design; so there can be no question that you are serious in that intent.

Which, of course, is another reason why the site prep has to be so extensive at the get go. The thing is, you also want to make it be a place where people would want to live and work in.

This is why I think the site has to be both big, and spectacularly unusual. And since you need to be underground for most of the living space for radiation protection anyway, why not start with making a city that is a kind of massive, circular, cliff dwelling metropolis. Which is also why I suggested digging an immense, minimum mile in diameter, hole in the moon surface, that would go at least a mile deep.

The idea then is to make sure nobody feels like they are in nothing more than a deep hole, and I think you do that by beaming sunlight down the center axis of that hole. This would also make collecting solar energy within the structure a great deal easier.

What you would end up with here is truly something that would be the epitome of "If you build it, they will come." Which would then give us the core army of workers it is going to take to build the automation infrastructure to really develop our solar system; as opposed to just diddling around with a few people for only scientific reasons, or to fulfill the whims of rich people to not only get richer, but to have one more option for the ultimate "gated community," and exclusive playground.

And again, I must emphasize: This is not a dream too far. This is a simple necessity if humanity is going to have any hope of real options for its ongoing survival, now that things may well start to get fairly dicy down here on gravity central.

I urge you to give this some serious thought, and to support it wherever, and however (peacefully) you can.

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