Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Masing Of Meaning Across Infinite Realities

What if all of the variations of each of us, all of the different versions of you, or me, that have been branching, off of previous  branching, of endless possibilities, at a scale that does not have time as we know it. What if these slightly different vectors of reality, common at least to our participation (yours, or mine), form a channel of sorts. A Waveguide in a manner of speaking, that flows transversely across the boundaries of each separate reality. A waveguide that can mase, or lase, or some super combination of those, and more; could make that common thread of us resonate back and forth in ways that we can only begin to really appreciate now. A resonation one might be forgiven for thinking was just sprit by another name.

But remember, this would be something unique for each of us. And up to all of the vagaries of whimsy, serendipity, and sheer happenstance, as to how able, any of the infinite numbers of us, standing, falling, rolling, being rolled over, thrown asunder, or climbing to or feet again. Up to all of that is whether we're still left able to feel what the greater part of all of us might actually be capable of.

Meaning masers it would seem to me. Meaning being the meeting of the mind with what's also true down to the bones. Waves of a meaning processor matrix, rubbing space and time in each reality we will only speculate on in philosophies without end.

Hold this view and you have something special to keep you going when engaged in an arduous task, without much visible success to sustain you. You can say, to yourself, and to any other who might question "why do you continue?" To this you can reply: "I am merely trying to keep faith with the rest of who I am.

It also doesn't hurt to listen to wonderfully inspirational music. This mix by Epic Music World II
is well worth listening to.

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