Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is Supposed, Unchanging Perfection, a de facto equivalent...

... to the final entropy the universe is supposed to eventually fall to?

You have your heaven. Your Nirvana. You have your Übermensch if you follow Nietzsche's particular avoidance of deities, or God's will, if you don't. But what is perfection other than that which no longer needs to change, much less cares to. And if there is no further change, haven't you then reached a form of entropy? The essence there, of course, being a complete lack of any further differentials, as everything has settled to a uniformly, steady state.

This is why, for me, the pursuit of perfection is pointless. And by that I mean pointless in the sense that ultimate "perfection," whether of place, or form, or purpose, is, or at least ought to be, an oxymoron within an Entirety that is, itself, infinite potential, and where the Physical Space of exterior experience, and Meaning Space of interior experience, will always be interacting. An Entirety whose primary constant, in the endless iterations, is change. Inherent change from of all of the multi verses (or vectors of experience association, along every possible point of continuous branching), playing out the "question/answer", "answer/question" recursive game for the never ending sense of meaning. And with every new meaning, there is a new object in one space, or the other (or both), that can cause new gap between all of the other, already existing, meaning objects. Thus a change taken as a given by the process of constant differentials automatically gapped, demanding to be bridged again, unable to ever stop, even if any of it wanted to.

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