Sunday, February 26, 2017

Everything Is Semi Permeable

Try to reach
for more
than hands can ever hold.

Get your mind
around the embrace
of arms
without measure and
the hugs that hold
without boundaries.

Go beyond
the words
that make your mind.
Push past
the limit you cannot see
but you can feel.

Meditate on touching
that which you have
no fingers for,
reaching with purpose
for nothing
in particular
but everything
particularly beyond.
It's a way to listen
to what might wiggle
out of nowhere

Even in the deepest vacuum
somp particle
of participation
comes through
if only for an instant;
the foam they say
of greater oceans
and what tosses them
as waves to bend
another immersion

But it makes us all
in the end,
Even as we make
it in the beginning.
It's the coming
and going
the going and coming;
the tides
of endless potential.

It is the question
and the answer.
It is the point
of meaning
and the meaning
of making something particular
at that point,
and changes everything
across nothing
we will ever be able to measure
that doesn't also change.

Listen closely enough though
and you will feel it
and in that feeling
you will find faith
that yours is a point
of making
as important as any other.
Because everything
seeps through
everything else
eventually, and
there's always more

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