Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Infinite of Potential and the Potential of the Infinite; as well as the need for faith in the process itself.

I love
the process that possesses
no limit
and knows
but expresses
to surrender to
or separate from.

The container
not contained
with no width
or height or
depth or
space for duration.

It is
endless formulation,
the dark that makes
the light and
the light that makes
the dark.

It does
across boundaries
without limit,
as it forms
singularly referenced
lines of assembly
to make meaning
have space
to have time
for more meaning.

It loves
to make mind
so that mind
can know love
and speak of it
through endless making
to grasp
and act upon
the miracle of choice.

I talk to it
that it cannot hear
what I express
of knowing
but that it feels
the connection
that is made
of all my meanings.

We are
the circle that goes
around to come
around to continue
again and again
the very process
that makes us
possible at all;
to draw upon that
which makes the canvas
and the pencil.

Please I beg of you
Talk to love
and love to talk
to it
and to each other
so we can
all feel
the connections
to keep the love
and the knowing
making more
meanings and connections.

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