Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another Open Source Song Lyric

Just so we're clear here, I am going to keep doing this whether any of you participate or not. I do have to admit, though, that it would be a lot more fun if the participation would take hold at some point or other. Just sayin...

In any case, however, to reiterate what the deal is, open source lyrics are your chance to make your take on what the melody and arrangement should be for that lyric. The result is then yours to perform, and to sell to the public, without regard to remuneration for me. The only thing I ask is that you never sell the rights to your version to some company so that they can use it for a product jingle. I really hate that.

So... Without further ado here it is:

"Just For a While"

Oh father father
as you lay
Can you tell me
please I pray

What are we for?
What are we for?

And as he smiles
deep in her
he whispers softly
within her purr
we are for a while
We are for a while

A while
a while
of what
you say

A while to keep
the what away
A while to be
what length allows
A while allowed
in time to play
what wonder makes
our measures pay

We are for a while
What are we for?
What are we for?
we are for a while

A while to will
our time with her
A while she creates
a feeling for
and no more meaning
than before
just a moment
to adore
that wonder for a while

We are for a while
What are we for
What are we for
We are for a while

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