Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting tangled up in cause and time effect: Addendum

I have been waiting to see if anybody would play around with the thought experiment I suggested in the "Getting tangled up..." post. It doesn't take much to see where a conundrum like that might take you if you follow it through to a logical conclusion; especially as one considers things like entanglement, encapsulated meaning, synchronicity and causality.

You need only to expand the experiment a bit to see how this might be.

Suppose that, instead of one set of entangled quanta, we created two distinct groups of 128 entangled bit sets. And instead of simply changing the state of one quanta in one set on board the fast travel ship, we instructed the crew to wait one unit of time and then roll a pair of dice 128 times, writing down either a zero or one depending on whether the result was odd or even, thus giving us a particular 128 bit binary number.

Suppose further that we instruct the crew to make the state change on just one of the groups of the 128 ship side quanta bits, after the established x number of further ship side time units, to change their bit states only if the roll was even. Even further, however, suppose we also instructed them to make no change if the other group of 128 entangled bits happened to indicate the very number they were going to input before they did so.

As you might be guessing now, this scenario would also have instructions for the  earth side participants, which would be to simply match whatever change occurred in the first group of 128 bits to the second group.

The question then, of course, becomes whether or not the earth side group receives the random 128 bit number before the ship side crew actually inputs it, or that their response gets back to the ship crew before then as well, and thus, to initiate a paradox of cause and effect.

What's at stake here is the notion of synchronicity and the basis of meaning states for a given reality. Entanglement may well be the corner stone of encapsulated meaning for a given vector of interaction association, or reality if you will.
Looked at from this point of view you have to wonder how relativity itself might be dependent of relative scales of consideration.

Schrodinger's cat gets a reality check
Schrödinger's cat gets a reality check

Getting tangled up in cause and time affect

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