Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Butterfly Effect if the Lovely Little thing were wielding the Mark 8 version of the "BFG" from Doom

Let's be clear here. The LHC is one amazing machine. It is a marvelous example of advanced engineering, as well as systems integration. And no gadget geek worth his salt wouldn't be impressed by it. As well as to say one can only admire the minds that came together to make such a construct possible.

Saying that, however, does not change the fact that these marvelously creative people still don't know the full implications of what pursuing inquiry via this method might entail.

I know I'm a broken record on this point but I feel very strongly that it should be repeated, even if there is good chance that I am completely wrong. The simple fact remains that, even at a quite low level of probability, the risks involved are too great.

The whole point here is that it may well not matter in the least that nature itself already creates such interactions as a matter of course in the play of expansion since the singularity first expressed its infinite mass. What we're talking about here is the potential difference it might make when a sentient meaning processor chooses to measure quantifiable events based on the arbitrary discharge of what is essentially a weapon. To be sure, a weapon that works at very, very small time scales precisely because of the tremendous energies applied to equally small bits of ammunition. The fact remains that the bottom line here is two fold in the troubling questions it ought to ask.

First, of course, is the basic notion of uncertainty in the first place; as with how you go about measuring light and what that can fundamentally change in the nature of outcomes between different choices. The second, however, ought to be more concerning as this is, as I have already stated, the most complex system we will ever encounter. Despite it being quite counter intuitive, our choice in firing off this weapon, after a certain point in the energy levels, may be initiative affects into the larger system, across channels of interaction we may not of have even dreamed of yet, that will have consequence far beyond the mere clouds of debris they ponder the tracks of now.

That's the crux of it. And however low the probability is, as one who's livelihood made him appreciated just how capricious even the most basic of complex systems can be, the continued use of this machine worries me greatly.

The LHC Is Now Colliding Lead at the Highest-Ever Energies

The LHC Is Now Colliding Lead at the Highest-Ever Energies

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