Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Menstrual Blood Should be Celebrated

I have another web site I want to endorse. I believe it is important for the same reason I believe women need to fight this horrible notion that their leakage needs to be characterized as "discharge." The site in question is @menstrual.blood, an Instragram account devoted to de-shaming something that absolutely needs to be celebrated (difficult physically though it can be for you guys).

Blood is primal. Blood is spiritual (after all, Catholics drink the figurative blood of Christ). And do we even need to mention the "hot blood of sex?"

I have always relished going down on the women I have loved, not to mention merely engaging in vaginal penetration, while they were menstruating. Not only is a woman more likely to be more sexually sensitive, and or desirous of sex, then, what could be more evocative of the surrender to your inner animal than covering yourself (to whatever degree) with her blood? We already revel in her lubricant after all. Why the hell should blood be any different?

More importantly, though, is the part this blood plays in the whole cycle of creative potential. We are animals, and we are more than animals. We can experience both the animal passion inherent in the need to propagate the species, but we can also contemplate the larger aspects of what coming together and mingling what are essential aspects of our being. In this you surrender yourself to more than just the inner animal. You surrender to the total involvement with another; to the remix of self containing what you were with what you will become as you internalize some of how they see and feel the world. Which is, of course, integral to how you want them to now see and feel you. Then you add the potential of creating another sentient life which is the physical mix of both of you; something you will share in the nurturing and teaching of. Something that your love and passion just makes essential.

How can the idea of blood, as well as the reality, not be a part of this? How can a certain amount of paganism not remain within the act of celebrating our physical need for connection, as well as our emotional need for same. For me, it's all part of keeping some sense of wonder and awe alive in an ever more objectified, and abstracted world.

Meet the Woman Running an Instagram Devoted to Menstrual Blood

Meet the Woman Running an Instagram Devoted to Menstrual Blood

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