Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To Know the Light You have to Know the Dark. Too much of either makes for some very bad ideas.

when the medication
wears thin
or the metaphors
to self
medicate margins,
which won't rub
too much of you
off, crumble
against your own immunity
to make magic
you have to believe in,
you think only
with cornered thoughts.

Find the paint
and the way
to stroke it
to make a door
you can see
your way through.
It's a choice
of course
that you start
by putting one foot
in front of another
in any direction
with faith in the assumption
that a better place
to see from
will find you.
Even if you can't
see it now.

We can never
be wise but
we can aspire
to wisdom.
We may never
create lasting meaning
but the meaning
we create now
can still have magic,
making the journey
and what is
journeyed through
something worth loving.
Meaning is
what we make of it
that choosing
and making
are what rub
belief every which way
we can imagine.
And thus doubt
is the only certainty
and certainty
the only thing
worth the trouble
of doubting.

The bigger picture
will always have
a lot of dark spots
but its in
the shadows
that we find
the contrasts.
Keep faith
in that bigger picture
what ever the Fuck
it “really” is
because there is
magic in there
if we choose to see it.

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