Friday, July 22, 2016

Pandering to the Dark Side...

...Or, to put it another way, giving in to every type of fear in the toolbox of the powerful to sell us on the con that every problem has a simple, easily sloganized, solution; where "solution" is more about closing down on thinking, feeling or engaging in what life challenges us with. The kind of shutdown that enshrines cold comfort, and the abstract of "order," at the cost of real hope, joyful curiosity, and the broadening of what is possible for the human spirit.

Voting for this self centered, money loving bully will take us down the road where we will learn to mistrust and hate everything we don't fully understand, while at the same time making sure that willful ignorance is something to be applauded and encouraged. This is, I assure you, not the mind set that will keep this planet a thoughtful, loving place, let alone a nurturing base from which to continue our climb to the stars; prospering as much as simply surviving, so that our reach can truly exceed our grasp.

None of the candidates, of course, supports the kind of fundamental change that would actually address what is making us, and the planet, sick of body and heart, but the alternative to this man would at least provide a better chance of an environment where the real change that is needed can not only be expressed, but more importantly, actually listened to.

I know he says things that seems to make sense to some of you because the problems his words supposedly address are real. I would only hope that you would consider that, more than even your average politician would stoop to, he would say anything, pretending every sincerity possible, in order to close the deal. This is because, at his very core, all that really matters is making the sale, and on terms where the seller is the only person of concern. And the only ideal worth preserving is the continuation, and advancement, of your brand.

Just remember, as with any crime contemplated, or conducted, to understand who's culpable you need only follow the money.

Donald Trump Takes America on a Journey to the Dark Side

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