Thursday, May 19, 2016

Three D Object Reanimation...

...Where each frame of the animation is a projected layer of the object, seamlessly layered one on top of the other in real time.

What the people behind the Carbon M1 Printer are talking about here is essentially photo lithographic imaging precision on an object model projection, streaming frame by frame layers in exact timing with the light projection and oxygen application. A really quite stunning bit of engineering to say the least.

This being the case, one wonders if future variations might not be able to utilize multiple material solutions whereby different wavelengths of light might alternate material application so that much more complex objects could be reanimated. Say, for example carbon/polymer integrated circuit chips? Thereby eliminating the who lithography, and photo etching pain in the ass they have to use now? Something to think about anyway.

Carbon M1 Super Fast 3D Printer Demo!

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