Monday, June 15, 2015

What occupies you is the revolution

Don't occupy
yourself with abstractions
only, the fiction
of ones and zeros
in switches thrown
and addressed
for the state
their programs require.

Occupy your own
lives, and spaces
to make what you will
of what you love
and what is
loved in you.

It is not a street
on which their power moves,
and from seizing
can you dam them
up, to make them
pay you attention.

Occupy yourself
with what your are
where you are.
Don't go
to any work where
you don't fully own
the circumstances
of occupation.

Go to your neighbors
instead, seeking
cooperation in redefining
just what ownership is;
sharing the responsibility
as well as the benefits.
Take away what counts
for them
by not counting
on counters any more.

Take charge
of the charging
motivating yourselves
The new exchange
will be the revolution
and what they count on
won't count at all

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