Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Genesis of Genius is no singularity of thought

You think
you thought
that thing you believed
you realized;
the idea 
of creating anything,
of or about, 
whole cloth.
But can you bare
to ask within 
what space these links,
where all these gaps, 
or associations missing
meanings that might
were made by you?
Was it just
a place for your mind
to see it all without
any channels crossing,
over the top and
under the bottom
of every level?
Couldn't other lines
and minds to draw
upon a larger fabric,
coming and going,
doubling or reducing,
from so may perspectives,
for a larger voice,
have called it out
to as many you 
as there are
of others?
Whose to say
what an infinite
of potential, posing
questions that speak
of answers whose voice
is just a new chorus
of questionable minds
asking for more
recognition, as well
as more perception,
might find
in a way 
to deliver
that message that makes
us all to wonder
where the real
thought of genius lies.

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