Friday, December 12, 2014

What is Cosmolosophy?

I have been struggling of late with the contemplation of imagined scenarios of trying to extemporize an explanation of Cosmolosophy. I do these scenarios all of the time, imagining how this or that situation might play itself out; usually in the form of conversations I might have with different people. Informal conversations. Confrontational conversations. The list goes on, but the bottom line is that they get into a lot of the layers of what I might feel from an interaction. What others might feel, as well as how either of us might react as a consequence, and of course, what does it all mean.

Be that as it may, though, the question at hand is complicated precisely because I am still feeling through what Cosmolosophy is my self; and the upshot of that is the fact that the different aspects of it come to me as singular facets of understanding that don't necessarily lend themselves to an easy encapsulation into one reasonably brief explanation. Today is my sixty fourth birthday so I thought I might take a stab at it now. Perhaps 64 will be a lucky number as it, and its multiples, coincide with so much of information processing.

At this point in time I think that Cosmolosophy is an attempt to build a unified expression of a philosophical, and metaphorical, take on how sentient space and physical space interact with each other to form the entirety. It uses the concepts of Connection, Meaning and Mind to build the framework with which to understand why there are external meaning processing systems, as well as unique, internal meaning processing systems.

Within this framework Connection and Meaning play dual roles. In interior systems they are represented by the idea that two or more things in juxtaposition demand that the perceiver connect them in some meaningful way, whereupon they are labeled and become a thing in themselves as a natural part of creating layers of abstraction.

In exterior systems the tension of space, time, both in push and pull, is the expression of the same demand for connection and meaning. Bounded elements of matter are simply already constituted meanings that were abstracted as a part of another vector of experience association; which is to say another sequence of meaning connections initiated from a singular processing reference point. This is why I contend that Mind is so integral to having any particular reality in the first place. This is also why I can contend that Love, or the Elemental Embrace, is just another way of talking about a particular kind of connection and meaning.

In this kind of framework thoughtful, loving structure is essential if one is to avoid entropy on the one hand, or infinitely interactive, unbounded chaos on the other. Our place in this scheme is also essential as perceiving, and acting upon those perceptions (which is where the miracle of sentient choice comes in), need to keep the balance of interaction and objectification as much as is possible.

We make the physical just as the physical makes us. It is all a never ending iteration of questions and answers as the one creates the other. What does it mean has the corollary questions of why did this or that happen, and what will happen next, as well as what exactly are we confronted with in the ever moving “now.”

The process itself should have all of the divinity any spiritual person should ever require precisely because there is so much that will always have to be taken on faith; so much that will always defy objective measurement because of the infinite matrix of reality vectors stitching through a singular, unbounded whole. Vectors with a similarly infinite ability to cross talk between each other in a kind of feedback complexity we will never be able to fully grasp.

In this context spirit matters, literally and figuratively. What you think, how you think, as well as what you do from the choices you make, matter as well. Keeping at least one candle lit against the darkness. Caring. Empathizing. Creating in the context of what encourages more connection, and more positive meaning, is exactly what will continue to make more thoughtful, loving structure as a self reinforcing cycle of cause and effect.

What we are doing now is precisely very little of the above. What we have now as an organizational model does very little to encourage any of the above. That is why Cosmolosophy goes hand in hand with the need for finding a new model.

Think about this. Question it. Find your own answers and then find a way to do something about it.

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